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Gal Gadot in swimsuit enjoys pool with family

gal gadot family
Gal Gadot soaks up the last moments of summer at the pool with her family. Pic credit: ©

Gal Gadot is clinging to summer as the Wonder Woman actress swims in the pool with her family and expresses gratitude for the time spent together.

Gal shared a video montage featuring different clips of her, her family, and friends enjoying the summer season.

She posted the video on her Instagram for her millions of followers to view.

The hardworking actress brought a new meaning to working hard and playing hard as she appeared to achieve balance in both areas of life.

Notable moments include a dip underwater in the swimming pool, drinking a glass of water under the sun, and lounging on a patio with sunglasses protecting her eyes.

In the background played the Peter Bjorn And John song, Young Folks.

Gal Gadot shares summer-themed montage as the season ends

Gal jumped in the water wearing a deep red swimsuit, but she kept on her sizable Gucci sunglasses.

Gal also filmed her shadow in a playful part of the montage. She shared the view from her palatial pad overlooking lush greenery with pillowy clouds and pink layered sunset.

The actress also showed off a few chic outfits with a pink-collared shirt, white high-waisted slacks, and a brown belt. She also celebrated with girlfriends on a rooftop bar drinking Moscow Mules, and inside at a packed bar.

Gal had time for romance with a kissing photo featuring her longtime husband, Yaron Versano.

Her caption read, “My heart is full. Got a big dose of my home, friends and family this summer. Miss you already ❤️.”

Another shot featured clear blue waves crashing into a white sand beach. Although Gal’s summer is wrapping up, it is full speed ahead for her acting career.

Gal Gadot to star in Snow White as Evil Queen

Gal Gadot will play a villain in the upcoming Snow White film as she stars opposite Rachel Zegler.

Gal said people were scared of her when she stepped into the villain role.

She revealed, “Just to be able to be that character and feel what it makes other people feel. Usually I make people talk to me, open and comfortable. With this one, I truly felt people were intimidated by me.”

Gal also explained that there was a complexity to the role.

She continued, “It was making sure the Queen is not just evil for the sake of being evil. There is a complexity. Between the two characters, it’s like a mother-daughter relationship in a weird way. It’s what happens to a woman when she feels like she’s not relevant anymore, what can come out of her.”

Snow White comes out in theaters in 2024.

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