Gal Gadot enjoys early morning breakfast in Paris

Gal Gadot close up
Gal Gadot woke up in Paris and enjoyed a cup of coffee in bed. Pic credit: © Sadou/AdMedia

Gal Gadot appeared to be having a fantastic start to the year as she did what most people wish they could do every morning. She had a delicious cup of coffee without even leaving her bed!

The Wonder Woman star shared an adorable picture of herself as she took a sip of her warm beverage from the comfort of her blankets, basking in the glow of the early morning.

Gal revealed down below that she’s in Paris, France, writing, “Getting ready to start my day,” and tagging the city of croissants and bleu cheese.

She was in a typical Parisian hotel room with blue and orange floral curtains behind her and a fancy gold lamp on her bedside table. The actress even enjoyed her coffee out of an exquisite porcelain cup, a step up from the normal plain white American coffee cups.

Gal went makeup-free and didn’t appear to be wearing a shirt upon waking up, while her short dark hair was thrown to the side in messy waves.

She made sure to keep her phone close by as well as a bottle of water for that all-important hydration.

Gal Gadot sitting in bed with coffee in Paris
Gal Gadot enjoyed an early morning cup of coffee in bed before starting her day in Paris. Pic credit: @gal_gadot/Instagram

It’s unclear why she was in Paris, as she has yet to share any other pictures from her time there.

Her most recent Instagram share showed her sitting outside in front of a cabin with a big, warm fire going. Gal wore a black winter hat and a cozy black winter jacket as she held a cup of hot tea and looked at the camera, appearing makeup-free for that picture as well.

She captioned the photo, “Wishing you all a cozy week 🔥.”

Gal Gadot plays Rachel Stone in the upcoming Netflix movie Heart of Stone

Gal will appear as Rachel Stone in the upcoming Netflix movie Heart of Stone, which will be released on August 11.

On the Netflix page about the movie, it says Rachel is “an intelligence operative, the only woman who stands between her powerful global peacekeeping organization and the loss of its most valuable — and dangerous — asset.”

The movie is being produced by Pilot Wave Motion Pictures, a television and movie production company founded by Gal and her husband, Jaron Varsano.

Gal is the co-founder of Goodles mac and cheese

When Gal isn’t posing for Parisian photo ops or riding a motorbike in an action movie, she promotes Goodles, a healthy mac and cheese brand of which she is one of the co-founders.

Goodles is a fantastic healthy alternative to the less healthy, more artificial mac and cheese brands at the store.

Every box has 7g of fiber, prebiotics, 14g of protein, and no artificial flavors or preservatives.

In December, Gal appeared at a food truck event in L.A. for Goodles, with several celebrities attending as well.

She was even seen speaking to Rachel Lindsay for Extra and mingled with guests as she smiled and passed out bowls of the delicious cheese-covered noodles.

Keep an eye on Gal’s social media pages for more Goodles content, and mark your calendars for Heart of Stone, dropping on Netflix on August 11.

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