Gabrielle Crahan: Don’t speculate about her cause of death, sister says

Gabrielle Crahan Instagram
Gabrielle Crahan posted her last selfie on Instagram three days before her death. Pic credit: Gabrielle Crahan/Instagram

Slipknot’s Shawn Crahan announced yesterday that his 22-year-old daughter, Gabrielle, has died at the age of 22.

The musician better known for his ‘Clown’ onstage persona said in a statement on social media that Gabrielle died on Saturday and asked for privacy for his family to grieve.

Gabrielle posted her last Instagram post on Wednesday — three days before her untimely death. The Instagram photo is of an Alcoholics Anonymous 5 months sobriety coin followed by a selfie.

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A post shared by Gabrielle Crahan (@crahang6)

While Gabrielle’s cause of death was not revealed, many began speculating that she died from a drugs overdose. However, there are no verifiable reports that she was using drugs or that her death was caused by drug use. Others speculated that her death was related to suicide.

Her sister Alexandria Crahan reacted to the rumors on her Instagram Stories where she asked people not to speculate about her sister’s cause of death. One image showed a screen capture of a forum where many users were speculating about what led to Gabrielle’s passing.

“She died yesterday stop speculating stop with the assumptions. If you’re going to be negative, leave my family alone,” she wrote. Alexandria also reacted to YouTube videos and other internet theories about her sister’s death, adding, “I know I should just stay away from the internet but I’m not going to let awful people have any control in what I do or don’t do.”

Gabrielle Crahan cause of death rumors screenshot
Alexandria hits out at speculation over Gabrielle’s cause of death. Pic credit: @alexandriacrahan/Instagram
Another Gabrielle Crahan cause of death rumors screenshot
Another message from Alexandria in her Instagram stories. Pic credit: @alexandriacrahan/Instagram

Gabrielle also paid tribute to her sister in a separate post.

Under her own Instagram handle, crahang6, Gabrielle shared photos of her family and selfies, including a Mother’s Day photo a week ago.

Gabrielle’s brother Simon also released a statement on Instagram about his sister’s death.

“Today is the hardest day ever, I’m confused, I’m angry, I’m sad and I’m just sad just really sad. Gabri I miss you so much I miss you like no other we were best friends we had a good bond and now your not here anymore. I love you Gabri and I know you’ll know that forever.”

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