Franceska Fournier takes a walk to show off her outfit

franceska fournier shares beach selfie
Franceska Fournier enjoyed red wine and the outdoors scenery in her latest share. Pic credit: @franceskafournier/Instagram

Canadian social media influencer Franceska Fournier was loving her latest fit, and so were many of her fans. However, her drink of choice caught the attention of some.

The 23-year-old donned a short, red, curve-hugging skirt, accentuating her long and slender legs for a video clip as she stood in a doorway and looked to the outdoors.

Franceska opted for a white crop top for her top, which had a gift bow look due to the way it was tied in the middle with specially-cut fabric hanging to her waist.

Franceska kept her long blond hair flowing to the sides and past her chest, with simple pink lipstick, dark lashes, and thin brows as her makeup.

She smirks as she walks from the doorway to the outside, enjoying the scene with a glass of red wine in hand.

Franceska glances toward the camera with another slight smile as she continues her walk.

“Oufit @revolve #revolveme,” she wrote in her caption.

Fans react to Franceska’s outfit and drink of choice

With 1.1 million fans on her Instagram, Franceska can share all sorts of looks, from sizzling bikinis to the stunning outfit above. The latest Instagram share from the social media influencer collected over 100 comments in a quick bit of time.

“Looking always amazing true beauty and happy nice day 😍😍,” one of her fans said in admiration of the latest outfit.

fan of franceska comments on ig post
Pic credit: @franceskafournier/Instagram

“So much grace and beauty…!” another fan remarked on the post.

fan of franceska comments on ig outfit share
Pic credit: @franceskafournier/Instagram

“Not your usual drink,” another fan wrote, adding a laughing emoji to suggest red wine wasn’t the norm for the influencer.

fan comments about franceska fournier drink
Pic credit: @franceskafournier/Instagram

Franceska Fournier regularly promotes Bang Energy

As the fan joked in the comments, Franceska’s known for appearing in photos and videos with a different drink in hand. The Canadian social media star often has a can of Bang Energy in some of her content as she partners with the brand.

Late last month, she shared a video featuring a gorgeous scene with a sandy beach, blue skies, and inviting water.

Franceska wore a mint green or light blue bikini as she walked from the beach closer to the camera with a can of Bang in her hand.

The social media star enjoys the environment and takes a sip from the drink as she soaks up the sun and calm beach vibes.

“Day at the beach 🏝️ @bang.Canada #bangenergy #energydrink,” she wrote.

Bang Energy has various flavors, including Raging Raspberry Hibiscus, Wyldin’ Watermelon, Cherry Blade Lemonade, and Blue Razz.

The brand’s energy drinks are available at several popular sellers, including Amazon and Target. In addition, they offer a program for brand ambassadors, likely what Franceska has utilized in her past social media posts.

It’s currently unknown if Franceska will continue to promote the brand, as some feel maybe she’s switched from promoting their products to enjoying red wine. However, more details about the company’s current offerings and situation are available at the website.

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