Former WWE star Torrie Wilson takes immersion dip for health boost

former wwe star torrie wilson instagram selfie july 2021
Torrie Wilson is dedicated to staying fit and healthy years after her WWE career. Pic credit: @torriewilson/Instagram

Former WWE star Torrie Wilson looks fabulous as she continues to share helpful health tips with her followers, including one that can provide a serious health boost.

Wilson, 47, wore a black and white checkered swimsuit as she walked outdoors and spoke to her fans about finding the motivation to work out or get going for the day.

The sound of water nearby was also part of her video clips, with Wilson carrying a white towel over her shoulder.

She wore minimal makeup for the latest content and no visible accessories, with her blonde hair styled back behind her head.

“I think a big misconception that a lot of people have is that you just wake up, fired up for the day, motivated, excited and happy and joyous, and just in an awesome mood, right?” she asked.

She went on to say that “fate is really out of your hands” and that “we all have to work at changing our mental state,” adding that “exercise on the daily” helps her a lot.

Torrie Wilson shares health boost she uses

Wilson continued talking in her video about cold water immersion and how the technique can significantly help wake up one’s mood or mental state when it comes to getting fired up.

She mentioned it can also help fight inflammation and increase one’s metabolism, but she loves that it can give her that “slap in the face” she needs to get going sometimes.

Wilson shared that she doesn’t have a cold water tank which many use for the immersion. Instead, she used her outdoor swimming pool because it’s not heated. She revealed the pool water was cold enough to put herself into at 60 degrees.

She told her fans and followers they could make their own immersion tank by getting a bunch of ice and adding it to a bath.

“I urge you to know, above all this, to know you can change your state at any time. The power is in your own hands,” Wilson said.

In the fourth slide below, Wilson backs into the pool, making a facial expression as she experiences the cold water. She reveals more of her checkered swimsuit and that her hair is tied in a ponytail.

The former WWE star takes a moment to stand in the pool before eventually dropping down even lower to submerge her body into the cold water.

Torrie Wilson offers online workouts

Wilson is well known for her time in the WWE, including a recent appearance in the 2021 women’s Royal Rumble match. She’d enter the match at No. 17 and get eliminated by Shayna Baszler.

She joined WWE’s Hall of Fame Class of 2019 due to her accomplishments over the years within WWE and WCW. However, before any of that, she was very into health and fitness.

Wilson has a fitness and figure competition background, winning Miss Galaxy and the Tri-Fitness Grace and Physique championship in 1998. She’s also in the Hall of Fame for the latter, getting inducted in 2012.

Following her wrestling career, she has continued to work out, eat healthily, and stay in great shape at 47. She also offers online assistance for others who want to train with her and get health insights through her SageSpot, which has a monthly subscription.

Torrie Wilson
Pic credit: @torriewilson/Instagram

“A growing library of on-demand follow-along workouts with me, access to all fitness challenges (current & past), tips, advise, inspiration, and positivity. This is a safe space to connect deeper and improve our physical and mental health together,” her SageSpot description reads.

Even many years after the height of her professional wrestling career, Wilson has shown that she’s still in incredible shape and is ready to help others reach their fitness goals.

WWE SmackDown airs Fridays at 8/7c on FOX.

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