Former WWE star Torrie Wilson shares important message about ‘daily reality checks’

former wwe star torrie wilson shares selfie
WWE Hall of Famer Torrie Wilson looks fit and fantastic at 47. Pic credit: @torriewilson/Instagram

Former WWE star Torrie Wilson is reminding everyone to check in with themselves to gauge where they are with their reality.

To present her message, Torrie shared a stunning image on her official Instagram in which she wore a primarily pink bikini featuring green and blue plant-like designs.

Torrie’s two-piece had a sports bra style top with a cutout portion in the middle and thin shoulder straps, one of which she held in her hand.

The tiny matching bottoms also had strategic cutouts revealing portions of hips, with her impressive abs highlighted in her shot.

Torrie, 47, looked fantastic and fit, with her blonde locks flowing, a natural tan, vibrant pink lipstick, and a bright smile as she basked in the moment.

While the visual was gorgeous with Torrie’s photo, including lush foliage behind her, she also shared an important message with fans and followers.

Torrie Wilson shares a message about ‘daily reality checks’

“Strip away all the material things, the clout, popularity or lack of, the job you identify with, the ever changing shell that carries you thru this life…do you still know who you are?” Torrie asked in her Instagram caption.

She mentioned how “ego” is often presented on social media and “drives our existence.”

“Daily reality checks are important for me, do you do the same in this crazy world?” Torrie asked.

She added hashtags for #mentalhealth, #knowthyself, and #digitaloverwhelm to further drive home her point about the importance of regularly checking in with oneself, especially on social media.

Torrie Wilson shared her triceps workout with fans

At 47, Torrie still looks incredible, which is a testament to her devotion to fitness. She’s made that part of her brand even after leaving WWE, doing her best to help others set goals, evaluate their diets, and participate in regular workouts.

The former WWE star shared an example of her triceps workout on the Gram in a quick video.

Donning a yellow sports bra and matching leggings, she tied her hair in a messy ponytail. She revealed several triceps exercises using a machine at the gym with a hand grip attachment.

The first had her facing the camera to perform a set of diagonal triceps pull-downs using the cable at the machine.

Her second exercise saw her switch her grip to palm up as she faced the machine. She advised everyone to “keep arm glued to your side” while performing the move.

Next, Torrie changed to a palm-down grip for the triceps pull-downs, again with her arm next to her side.

For a fourth exercise, Torrie turned her back to the machine. With one knee bent to lean slightly forward, Torrie did an overhead lean-out move, pulling the cable away from the machine and overhead to further work on the tris.

She suggested fans can finish all four of the exercises on one side and then repeat on the other side to create an effective triceps circuit.

While Torrie has been away from making regular WWE appearances for some time, she’s still presenting fans with plenty of valuable content to improve their lives via mental and physical fitness.

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Elaine House
Elaine House
15 days ago

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