Former WWE star Mandy Rose shows workout routine with fiance

mandy rose selfie from instagram
Former WWE star Mandy Rose looked incredible as she worked out in a new video with her fiance. Pic credit: @mandysacs/Instagram

With Mandy Rose away from professional wrestling since this past December, she’s been able to devote more time to other endeavors and passions, including creating content for social media and pursuing her love of fitness.

She combined the two for a recent video upload in which she and her fiance, Sabatino Piscitelli, took turns showing off various workout moves.

Rose wore a white sports bra, some curve-hugging purple leggings, and small grey Puma socks for the workout routine.

She kept her hair tied up in a bun and wore a visible sports watch during the video clip.

Piscitelli opted to work out shirtless, wearing dark shorts with light compression tights underneath and some dark sneakers.

The future husband and wife each did specific moves to focus on their legs, with Rose and Piscitelli’s incredible physiques visible throughout the video.

Mandy Rose and Sabatino Piscitelli share a workout clip

In a recent report via Monsters and Critics, Rose rocked a gorgeous bikini to relax at the pool with her fiance. For her latest video, they were in full-on workout mode.

The video was set to Genjutsu Beats’ thumping track Ca flingue. The clip started with Rose and Piscitelli putting on unique weight belts attached via a cable to a platform where they performed various moves.

Standing on the platform, Rose did a set of squats without weights, although the squat belt was also attached to the platform providing resistance for the move. The footage shifted to Piscitelli performing goblet squats with a dumbbell in hand and the weight belt attached to the platform.

Next, Rose performed repetitions of the Romanian deadlift with two dumbbells in hand as she lowered down, again using the belt apparatus for resistance. Piscitelli was shown performing a similar move before each of them was seen doing reverse lunges with step-ups.

The video eventually ended with the former WWE star standing with her back to the camera and making a serious flex to show off the incredible upper back, shoulder, and arm muscles she’s developed.

Rose indicated she and Piscitelli love their “new Go Arena training platform,” which is seen throughout the video as they stood on it to work out.

“This machine is so perfect for home gyms especially bc it doesn’t take up a lot of space and you can control the resistance all off your phone on the @go.arena app! 💪🏻💪🏻,” she said in the caption.

Mandy Rose promotes The Arena Platform

Based on the Instagram caption, Rose is in a paid partnership with Arena to promote The Arena Platform. Arena creates a “portable, robotic training platform,” which they sell through their website for one payment upfront or in monthly installments.

The item provides a unique technology with the platform as it features “10-200 lbs of motorized constant resistance” that people can use while working out. It also tracks and logs people’s lifts to help them monitor their progress.

Accessories include a matte-black straight bar, premium squat belt, and ankle straps for workouts.

In addition, the training device has guided and daily workouts designed by professionals. Customers can find more details about the product, accessories, and prices via the website.

Based on her recent social media content, Rose is finding some brands to partner with that genuinely fit her and her fiance’s lifestyle, including intense workout sessions or relaxing at their backyard pool.

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