Former WWE star Mandy Rose shares ‘day in the life’ with fans

former wwe star mandy rose selfie
Mandy Rose looked stunning in several bikinis she revealed for her latest shoot. Pic credit: @mandysacs/Instagram

Former WWE star Mandy Rose is keeping herself busy while away from professional wrestling as she continues working on various businesses and side hustles.

One of her most lucrative has her modeling in lingerie, bikinis, and other outfits as she participates in photoshoots and shares stunning content online.

She took fans along with her for a day in her life, giving a behind-the-scenes look at the preparation for one of her newest bikini shoots on the beach.

While in a comfortable robe, the 32-year-old Rose, real name Amanda Rose Saccomanno, shared she was “getting all glammed” by her “girls Gabriella and Jessica.”

Rose shared some of the products she uses, including Scott Barnes Body Bling Original with a Coppertone Glow over top of it to give a shimmery effect. 

“Gives you the most perfect glow you can ever imagine,” Rose said of the brilliant look the two products create when combined.

Mandy Rose shares behind-the-scenes for bikini photoshoot

She showed a few snaps of herself in a light blue bikini, including one closeup to show the Body Bling and Coppertone look.

A second image featured Rose standing sideways with part of her back facing the mirror in a large bathroom.

She shared a Boomerang-style clip of herself wearing a plunging blue top as she said she was driving to the photoshoot location.

Next, Rose gave a first-person view as she walked down a wooden bridge surrounded by trees and foliage. She said she would meet up with her photographer, J.R. Hutter.

Rose says he’s also known as “onedopephotographer,” his handle for Instagram, and he’s “pretty dope.” She showed her and Hutter walking on a long boardwalk to get to the shoot location at the beach.

Rose then showed footage of herself in a tiny light blue bikini with white straps and matching bottoms. Her long, wavy locks flowed down her back as she shared a closeup.

Rose wore dark eyeliner and brows, along with a light pink lip or gloss. She panned her cellphone or camera to show more of her two-piece, revealing a string belt attachment with colorful beads hanging around her tanned waist.

Rose gave a shoutout to Andi Bagus for her bikini, saying she loves their fit while revealing another shot of herself in a different suit featuring shades of blue. The swimwear brand indicates its items are “Crafted and curated on the beautiful island of Bali, Indonesia.”

She indicated the scene for the shoot was beautiful, revealing a few other shots of herself in a white Victoria’s Secret bikini before closing things out with an audible smooch for her fans.

Mandy Rose’s workouts or endeavors

While it’s hard work, staying bikini-ready likely comes naturally for Rose, as she competed in fitness or bikini competitions before signing with WWE.

She continued her commitment to her health once she was in the professional wrestling company and still does, based on the content she shares. That includes Rose’s recent workout video with her fiance Sabatini Piscitelli which promoted a unique piece of exercise equipment.

In 2019, Muscle & Fitness shared a YouTube video (below) presenting Rose’s workout routine and her insights on training. At the time of the video, she was still with WWE.

She indicated cardio was her preferred way of warming up and almost was like therapy for her. She also revealed she worked out about five or six days a week based on her schedule, with each workout lasting one and a half hours.

Among exercises in Rose’s routine were a single-leg hip raise using a mini band around her knees, squat jumps, diamond pushups on a medicine ball, and split jump burpees. Rose included V-Ups and Russian Twist in her routine to work the abdominal muscles.

In addition to the exercises, Rose shared high-intensity interval training (HIIT) and “leg burner” workout routines for people to try. 

As far as her diet, Rose said she tries to “stay consistent” with what she eats and “consume enough protein.”

Based on her stunning bikini and lingerie photoshoots, Rose is continuing to keep her fitness and diet among the top priorities, even away from pro wrestling.

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