Former WWE star Mandy Rose models Andi Bagus swimwear

former wwe star mandy rose selfie
Mandy Rose shared another stunning bikini image to her social media followers. Pic credit: @mandysacs/Instagram

With WrestleMania 39 on the way, former WWE star Mandy Rose put the spotlight on a photo from her recent bikini shoot.

She won’t be part of WWE’s “Super Bowl” of professional wrestling as she was released by the company late last year. However, the social media star shared a stunning swimsuit shot as she rocked a tiny Andi Bagus two-piece outdoors.

Rose posed for the shoot against wooden furniture in front of a house with weathered wooden windows and shutters. A fence or gate and a potted plant are visible next to Rose.

She kept a serious look on her face as she stared intently at the camera with her long locks flowing down to her midsection.

“The thicker the thighs, the sweeter the prize,” Rose wrote in her caption, tagging photographer J.R. Hutter and Andi Bagus.

Her latest Instagram share to her 3.5 million followers racked up over 133,000 likes and 1,800-plus comments admiring the sizzling shot and two-piece swimsuit.

Andi Bagus spotlights Mandy Rose’s bikini photo

After Rose shared her latest IG post, the Andi Bagus Instagram also shared it to their Story, giving further details with a link. The teeny-weeny two-piece is the Microdots Bikini in color Pale Apricot which sells for $59.

The bikini is “hand-beaded onto a cotton crochet base,” according to Andi Bagus’ website, with the bottom offering “minimum coverage” in a “string Brazilian style.” 

mandy rose models andi bagus bikini
Mandy Rose models the Andi Bagus Microdots Bikini. Pic credit: @mandysacs/Instagram

It’s available in many other color options, including Amber, Berry, Dark Aqua, Pale Pink, Pistachio, and Powder Blue.

Based on details from Andi Bagus, the bikini also features “word, shell, [and] bead assorted embellishments.”

Rose shared her early WWE workouts, including back and biceps routine

While Rose is no longer working with WWE, she still hasn’t lost her passion for fitness, regularly sharing clips on Instagram or TikTok in which she’s doing cardio or working with weights.

During the earlier part of Rose’s career in WWE and NXT, she shared YouTube videos in which she talked about her daily routine, including workouts.

Among the workouts that she shared on her channel were a “Boulder Shoulders” workout and the “Back & Bi’s” workout below.

Rose demonstrated the various exercises she uses, featuring machines at the gym and weights. She started with lat pull-downs while seated at a machine with two single-hand grips.

She leaned back a bit to change the angle of the move, which according to her on-screen text, “helps stimulate muscle growth in a different area of the back.”

Next, Rose showed the standing cable row, performing reps with a rope attachment at a machine and pulling her shoulders back to work the back.

From there, she performed straight arm pull-downs, using a straight bar and standing at a distance from a machine to do the move.

Rose’s back focus included pull-ups on a station with single-hand grips followed by reverse pull-ups using a bar at a weight rack.

She didn’t slouch on her biceps, as there were several moves Rose displayed in her video. Those included standing bicep curls using a rope attachment at the machine and reps of overhead bicep curls using the single-hand cable pull attachment.

Rose also performed traditional one-arm curls using a dumbbell and switched it up with a hammer curl to work a different part of the biceps muscle.

Her intense training ended with crunches while lying on an exercise ball at the gym. Based on the footage, it takes lots of hard work to stay ready for pro wrestling or modeling at shoots, but Rose has shown a serious commitment to her crafts.

WWE NXT airs Tuesdays at 8/7c on USA. WrestleMania 39 streams Saturday, April 1, and Sunday, April 2, starting at 8/7c on Peacock.

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