Former WWE star Lana gets ready for Royal Rumble and has prediction

cj lana perry in makeup tutorial video on her youtube channel
CJ “Lana” Perry could be preparing to make a surprise entrance at the Alamodome. Pic credit: @cjperrydances/YouTube

CJ Perry, known in WWE as Lana, has been away from the wrestling ring for a few years but based on her latest content, she seems to be preparing for a big event.

WWE’s Royal Rumble is on the agenda this weekend in San Antonio, Texas, as the Alamodome will host the annual event featuring two Royal Rumble matches.

One match will feature 30 women, and the other will feature 30 men. The objective is to eliminate opponents by throwing them out of the ring over the top rope. The last participant standing becomes the winner and gets a championship match at WrestleMania 39.

Ahead of the event, Lana shared a fun video on social media, filmed as a quick music video set to Miguel’s Sure Thing.

In her clip, the 37-year-old pro wrestler and reality TV star wore curve-hugging workout gear. It consisted of her black sports bra and leggings, showing that she has kept herself in fantastic shape while away from the wrestling world.

For the music video look, she also had her brown hair braided in pigtails with black bands tied around each. Lana also wore dark lashes and eyebrows, along with light pink lipstick.

Lana creates fun music video in workout gear

In a clip that Lana posted to TikTok and Instagram (below), she showed herself having some fun based on the lyrics of Miguel’s song. It opened with her showing a handful of hundred-dollar bills, which she soon dropped to continue performing.

“You can be the match; I’ll be the fuse,” Lana lipsynced with the song as she pulled out a lighter to flick and then struck a sideways pose in her workout gear.

The WWE star performed other moves throughout the quick clip, including pretending to be a bomb that exploded, stretching a leg like a ballerina, and dancing a bit down low with a chair in her room. It ended with Lana pretending to knock her head against furniture in her room.

“Ummmm things are getting weird as I wait for @yaonlylivvonce !!!! I am betting with my hundies LiV winning the #RoyalRumble !!!!! Eeeeekkkk,” Lana wrote in her caption.

With her caption, Lana predicts her friend Liv Morgan will win this weekend’s WWE Women’s Royal Rumble match. She was the first official entrant into the match, as Monsters and Critics reported about Liv’s big announcement on SmackDown several weeks ago.

Meanwhile, there will likely be other surprise entrants in the 30-woman match, with Lana possibly among them. Based on Lana’s post on her Instagram Stories, Liv eventually arrived to hang out with her in the hotel room. That could signify Lana’s potential surprise entry into the match.

cj lana perry and liv morgan
Pic credit: @thecjperry/Instagram

Other surprises for the Rumble match could include former Impact Wrestling star Chelsea Green and WWE’s Carmella, along with returning legends.

Lana shared her home workout secrets

Along with Instagram and TikTok, Lana has a YouTube channel, where she posted content for several years. That included fun videos at home with wrestling star husband Miroslav Barnyashev, makeup tutorials with WWE friends, and workouts.

She shared some of her home workout secrets a few years ago to give fans more insight into how she trains. In the video, she instructed viewers to use supersets, starting with single-leg glute bridges and arm dumbbell rows. She followed that with a superset of side planks with 21 bicep curls.

Lana closed out her workout routine with a cardio superset. That included five burpees, 10 pushups, and 20 lunges repeated in that pattern for 15 minutes. 

“It’s gonna kill, but it’s gonna get your heart rate up; it’s gonna burn calories. It’s gonna work to tone your muscles, and it’s gonna make you feel really, really good afterward,” she said of the cardio superset.

Lana mentioned in the caption that the workout is one people can use with “hardly any equipment” and that it could be done at a hotel gym. She might even use this routine as she prepares for a possible surprise appearance at Saturday’s Royal Rumble.

WWE’s Royal Rumble 2023 is streaming on Peacock on Saturday, January 28, at 8/7c.

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