Former WWE star Kelly Kelly reveals growing baby bump with question for fans

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Kelly Kelly is feeling the love and support from friends, family, and fans as she anticipates her pregnancy. Pic credit: @thebarbieblank/Instagram

Barbie Blank Coba, best known as WWE’s Kelly Kelly, is joyfully anticipating the arrival of a new family member, as she revealed several weeks ago that she and her husband are expecting their first child.

The 36-year-old wrestling star shared the news toward the end of March in matching social media posts with hubby Joe Coba.

Now that the word’s out, Kelly is asking fans their opinions on the next big reveal regarding her pregnancy.

She took to Instagram on Wednesday, uploading a carousel photo post featuring her rocking a long silky sheer black robe along with a black bra and panties.

While Kelly was one star of the photo set, her growing baby bump was the other. In the first of three photos, she kept both hands over her tummy, creating a heart symbol to show the love.

In the next image, Kelly turned slightly to the side and kept one hand on her hip, with the other cradling her bump.

For the final shot, she turned back to face the camera again, striking a gorgeous pose with one hand behind her head and the other cradling her baby bump.

“Boy mom or girl mom? ??” Kelly asked in her caption, including a tag for photographer Chris Martin for capturing the shots.

With 1.3 million followers on the Gram, she picked up over 20,000 likes and 550-plus comments as friends and fans gave feedback to the reality TV star and former pro wrestler.

Barbie ‘Kelly Kelly’ Blank and Joe Coba revealed pregnancy in late March

On March 28, the former WWE Divas Champion and her husband shared Instagram carousel posts featuring three black-and-white images of them striking poses together.

In the first, Kelly straddled her husband, who was sitting on the floor with both arms behind him, to prop himself up. Coba looked toward his wife as she posed with one hand behind her head and her wavy hair cascaded down.

In a second image, the couple stood and faced the camera with serious gazes toward the viewer. Kelly’s baby bump was in the spotlight as she kept both hands around her stomach.

In the final shot, Coba stood behind his wife, smiling and looking at her as he cradled the bump with both hands.

“Even miracles take a little time. Baby Coba loading ???” Kelly wrote in her caption.

The initial announcement post, with photos captured by Martin, went on to tally 99,000-plus likes and over 2,600 comments congratulating the couple on the exciting news.

Kelly Kelly reacted to an outpouring of love and support

Just days ago, Kelly shared another IG post where she was first seen wearing the same lingerie as her recent carousel post.

With her caption, she thanked everyone for the outpouring of love she and her husband received upon making their announcement, sharing that the past week had been “like a dream.”

“If you’ve been following my journey for the last few years then you know how long and difficult this has been for us but being here now, all I can say is that it was all worth it,” Kelly said in her caption.

“I get so emotional just thinking about the amount of DMs I’ve received over the last 2 years from so many of you checking in on me and my fertility journey, sharing their own ivf stories and journeys, and that they had there rainbow baby and my time will come,” the former WWE star said.

“You guys have helped me thru this journey more than you will ever know. I want to thank each and every one of you for all your love and support. Our hearts are so full,” she wrote.

Kelly has been married to Coba, a bodybuilder, since April 2021, with their second wedding anniversary on the way this coming Sunday. According to an Entertainment Tonight report, she suffered a miscarriage in August of that year.

Kelly revealed that she was grateful for the “Egg Whisperer,” Dr. Aimee Eyvazzadeh, who helped her with IVF treatments resulting in this year’s pregnancy.

According to the report, Kelly also said she would take a break from wrestling appearances for a while due to the pregnancy and caring for her baby. However, she and her husband attended the recent WrestleMania 39 event in Los Angeles, California, with the baby bump for friends and former colleagues to see in person.

Kelly Kelly shared diet and workout insights during her wrestling career

While Kelly is currently on a healthy path to giving birth to her first child, she previously made a name for herself as one of the iconic pro wrestling stars in ECW and WWE. That included maintaining a particular look and being physically ready to compete in matches or other segments.

Years ago, the wrestling star shared some details about her fitness, including what sorts of workouts and exercises she used.

“I do 60 minutes of cardio and 15-minute abdominal workouts. I also love doing hour-long aerobics classes at my local gym, like body-pump, Pilates, yoga, or Zumba, so I’m not stuck doing the same workouts every day. I don’t do much weight lifting just because I feel I gain muscle mass very easily, so I switch up cardio machines every day and do light weights probably once a week. For my abs, I do push-ups, sit-ups, and abdominal machines. I keep it very simple,” she said.

Cardio was essential for Kelly, and she also talked about how the busy nature of a pro wrestler’s schedule sometimes meant opting for fast food after live events. However, she seemed to have the right idea as far as selecting the healthiest options from the menu she could find.

“As long as you’re getting a little cardio in, it still makes you feel good. When we get out of our live event shows around 11 p.m., a lot of restaurants are closed, so we usually have to eat fast food. I will get either a salad or grilled chicken sandwich without the bun. I feel those are the healthiest choices at your typical McDonald’s, etc.,” Kelly told Perez Hilton.

Fans saw Kelly return to the ring at last year’s Women’s Royal Rumble match in St. Louis, Missouri. The former Divas Champion entered fourth and was the second elimination, getting tossed out by another former WWE star, Mercedes “Sasha Banks” Varnado.

As it will be a while before Kelly returns to the ring, her fans are certainly wishing her all the best for a healthy pregnancy.

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