Floribama Shore star Aimee Hall sets record straight about that YouTube video and relationship with Dillon

Aimee Hall Floribama Shore confessional.
Aimee Hall reconciled with her boyfriend. Pic credit: MTV

Floribama Shore star Aimee Hall is setting the record straight. After days of people asking her about her relationship and wondering where her YouTube video was, she spoke out and let everyone know what’s up.

Recently, Aimee announced that she had broken up with Dillon. She had been dating this guy for a while and has talked about him on the current season of Floribama Shore.

He is a felon, something that Aimee talks about. During one episode of the MTV show, she spent days worrying about him because he wasn’t answering the phone. It was then revealed he used to use drugs.

The breakup came after Aimee found out Dillon had cheated on her. There was plenty of fallout on social media, including a promise from The Floribama Shore star that she would be recording a video to share her story.

Fans and followers signed up for her YouTube channel, but there has been no upload about the situation between Aimee and Dillon.

Earlier tonight, Aimee Hall set the record straight. After people called her out for not posting the video and accused the reality star of making up the story to gain followers, she clapped back.

Aimee and Dillon have reconciled and are continuing to work on their relationship. She revealed that they both did some shady things, though she didn’t elaborate any further.

Aimee Hall isn’t going to sit back and let people talk about her. She is going to clear the air and let them know what’s up. She admitted that both of them messed up, though the exact details weren’t discussed. Aimee did confirm the story she told about cheating was correct and she was not doing it to gain followers.

Relationships are a sore spot for Aimee Hall. She has talked extensively about a prior partnership she was in that was unhealthy. While some followers have cautioned her about repeat offenses, Aimee is going to take her chances with Dillon.

Floribama Shore airs Thursday nights at 8/7c on MTV.

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