Florence Pugh stuns in sparkly and sheer dress for Governors Awards

Florence Pugh smiles with closed lips in red lip color.
Florence Pugh looks amazing in red lipstick. Pic credit: © Collin/ImagePressAgency

Florence Pugh has been attending award shows and red carpet events more than ever at this point in her life, and she dresses to the nines every single time.

Florence recently appeared at the Governors Awards, where she wore a fabulous dress that had her looking absolutely divine.

Her career is in an incredible place, following the success of several of her biggest movies, including Little Women and Black Widow with Scarlet Johansson.

She also recently starred in the movie Don’t Worry Darling opposite singer Harry Styles. Even though it was labeled a flop, that hasn’t gotten in her way whatsoever.

In her post from the Governors Awards, she shouted out all of the people who contributed to her incredible look for the evening, including her stylist, makeup artist, and the person in charge of her hair.

Not long before attending the awards, Florence shared another side of herself while wearing a colorful sundress with tons of jewelry.

Florence Pugh represents Tiffany & Co. well

Florence tagged Tiffany and Co. in her awards show photo thread, where she was seen wearing a gorgeous white dress made with sheer material and sparkling gems.

Tiffany and Co. is an incredible jewelry company that sells high-end pieces to those who care about wearing the most luxurious items ever.

The jewelry she wore for the evening from Tiffany & Co. paired perfectly well with her dress, especially since it was equally as sparkly. She had a lovely gold necklace that looked more like a choker with drooping prongs hanging down all the way around.

She also wore a couple of rings and several earrings lining her earlobe. The white dress had thick material over her most intimate areas but left little to the imagination over her stomach area and her legs.

The lovely actress wore her blonde hair slicked back out of her face with dramatic makeup and dark nail polish.

Florence Pugh’s Tiffany & Co. partnership makes a bold statement

In a separate photo thread, Florence posed in a colorful sundress to promote more pieces from Tiffany & Co.’s line. This time, she wore a pair of gold earrings that dangled down in chain formations.

She wore several rings on multiple fingers and a stack of bracelets that all shined with gold glimmer. She rocked a piercing in the center of her nose that looked chic and classy on her, even though it’s one of the more uncommon piercings for someone to wear on their face.

Her sundress was covered in an assortment of colors, including pink, purple, teal, and orange. It was also designed to be off-the-shoulder. It tied together in perfect bows around her upper arms.

To show her partnership with Tiffany’s, she added a caption that said, “Inspired by the power of unity, the Tiffany Lock is designed to be a visual statement for the personal bonds that make us who we are. @tiffanyandco #TiffanyLock #TiffanyPartner.”

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