Florence Pugh celebrates dog’s birthday with adorable photo dump

Florence Pugh close up
Florence Pugh is beautiful on the beach with her pup. Pic credit: © Thompson/AdMedia

Florence Pugh and her pup, Missy, splashed in style on the beach.

The 27-year-old actress posted the series of photos to celebrate Missy’s birthday, and it looks like the adorable pup has had a splendid year. The images included some tasty dog treats, relaxing quality time, and the beach adventure with Florence.

Missy is always dressed to impress in her natural fur coat, and Florence did the same for the occasion. She sported a black tank top and a tropical beach skirt.

The Lady Macbeth actress held a drink in her right hand and appeared to have just tossed a ball for Missy to retrieve. Missy looked to be having the absolute time of her life as she splashed about in the water with her eyes on the ball.

Their view was just as magnificent as the duo, with a clear sky and rippling blue waters.

The Hollywood star gushed about her adorable friend in her caption by saying, “She is the LIGHT OF MY LIFE. I’ve never walked with someone who gets more smiles just walking down the street than she does. She snuggles me when I’m sad and sings opera when I come home. Even makeup artists are jealous of her natural eye shadow look.”

Florence’s followers seemed to appreciate Missy just as much, as the post earned over 900,000 likes.

Florence Pugh stuns on the cover of Vogue

Florence has made major strides in her acting career, but it doesn’t stop there. At age 24, she was on the cover of Vogue, and more recently, she was thrilled to grace the cover a second time.

The cover girl was gorgeous in a blue dress that complemented her radiant complexion. Her blonde locks were slicked back in their usual style and fell gracefully behind her shoulders.

Florence included in her caption, “Anna Wintour wanting me on the cover for a second time feels just as unique. If not more? I love working, I love working hard. To be recognised in these pictures and pages like this is such a wonderful nod.”

She went on to profusely thank everyone that made it possible for her, and she made sure to credit all who collaborated to create the stunning look.

Florence Pugh is a green goddess in the produce section

Florence has shown that she’s an excellent model, and she recently did just that in a produce section.

Green veggies surrounded the actress, and so naturally, she sported a green look to match the occasion. The gorgeous minidress featured a turtleneck and long sleeves–which included flowing fabric at the ends.

Florence tossed one arm in the air to let the fabric majestically flow and give the photo an extra bit of flair.

She looked gorgeous as usual, and the produce section had never been so stunning.

Florence’s post earned well over 1 million likes and thousands of comments.

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