Fitness model Mahina Florence shares fitness tips as she does squats in front of an empty field

Mahina Florence close up
Mahina Florence looked fierce doing squats in public. Pic credit: @mahinaflorence/Instagram

As if Mahina Florence could be any more of an inspiration to her followers, the gorgeous surfer proved that you don’t need a gym membership to achieve a rockin’ body like hers as she demonstrated exercises in front of an empty field.

Oh, and it definitely didn’t hurt that she wore skintight leggings and a cropped shirt while performing the three-move workout.

In the motivational share, Mahina explained that the only moves necessary for a full-body workout are squats, push-ups, and lunges.

Her athletic form in the video was impeccable, and her outfit let the outstanding results speak for themselves.

Born in Oahu, Hawaii, the sport of surfing is in her blood, and she holds the cultural traditions of her homeland very close to her heart. 

With a name that means Moon in Hawaiian, it’s no wonder Mahina is such a goddess and a powerful force in the surf community.

As a fitness model extraordinaire, Mahina’s social media account is stacked with photos of her unbelievable physique.

Mahina Florence looked graceful and gorgeous while catching a huge wave

Now, most people know that Mahina is a talented surfer, but actually seeing her in action is entirely different.

The five-foot-nine beauty looked like a bona fide supermodel as she rode a wave yesterday in a light-colored bikini.

She captioned the post with lyrics from a hit James Brown song, “I feel good aha aha aha aha I know that I would now aha aha aha aha 🎶 @billabong_womens_australia.”

Mahina Florence looked tan and toned in bikini while squatting to pet a dog

Naturally, the stunning Hawaii native basically lives in a bikini, and it’s pretty clear that no one’s upset over her uncovered skin.

Two days ago, she shared a photo wearing a pastel-printed swimsuit that perfectly highlighted her bronzed skin and sculpted frame as she knelt to give a dog some love.

The caption revealed what many people were probably already thinking, “Beach pups are the stokiest pups🐶 @billabong_womens_australia.”

In an interview for O’Neill, Mahina spoke of her experience growing up in Hawaii, saying, “Growing up in Hawai’i is like indulging in your favorite dessert. The kind of dessert that makes your eyes close in satisfaction, followed by the ultimate happy dance.”

“Hawai’i is a very special place; we live a beautiful, simple, active lifestyle. We don’t stress about wearing makeup or having materialistic things. As long as we have the ocean, a bikini, food, friends and a surf board, we’re happy. Everyone here is family!”

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