Fitness model Linn Lowes is ‘here for the gainz’

Linn Lowes IG selfie November 2020
Linn snaps a selfie before tackling a shoulder workout. Pic credit: @linnlowes/Instagram

Blonde bombshell Linn Lowes encouraged her fans and followers to join her app with some rousing motivation.

Linn has proven that she is more than just a pretty face.

The Swedish beauty works hard to maintain her sculpted physique, and it shows.

Linn certainly knows how to motivate her fans to get up and get moving; sometimes, all it takes is showing them her progress.

That was the case in a recent Instagram Story share in which Linn shared side-by-side before-and-after photos of her glutes.

In the throwback photo on the left, Linn snapped a selfie clad in a pink sports bra and gray leggings. Her hair was pulled into a ponytail, and she wore an elastic headband on her hair.

Fitness icon Linn Lowes entices her fans to join her Athli app with a cheeky ‘after’ photo

The right-side photo pictured Linn present-day, posed in a similar position. Linn shimmied her hips as she smiled and highlighted her toned and much more ample glutes.

The 35-year-old fitness icon was clad in a cropped sweatshirt and a pair of hot pants, accentuating her impossibly fit frame.

“Here for the gainz,” read Linn’s caption on the quick video. She added a last-minute code for her followers to save $80 if they sign up for her workout app, the Athli app by Linn Lowes.

“Last chance to use EASTER50 when signing up for annual subscription to my workout app today!! (Save $80!!),” she added, along with a link to join her app.

Linn’s Athli app includes customizable fitness and meal plans

On her app, Linn offers a variety of workouts, including gym-based and home-based ones. There is a workout for every client’s goals, whether they’re just beginning their fitness journey or are looking to up their game.

In her bio on her website, Linn talks about joining a gym for the first time and loving how weightlifting reshaped her former “skinny” body. Linn’s results piqued her interest, and she began her health and wellness journey.

However, Linn hit a major roadblock in 2014 when she was diagnosed with lymphoma, a form of cancer. Linn’s body took a beating after she underwent chemo, radiation, and several surgeries.

Although she lost a lot of weight and became weak, she worked her way back to the gym, and now she’s healthier and fitter than ever.

“I’ve always loved sharing my passion for an active and healthy lifestyle with others and therefore I decided to get my Personal Trainer License and I also took diet classes to be able to consult in Nutrition,” Linn says. “After this I started my business by helping others take control of their life, health and happiness.”

Clients can choose to subscribe to Linn’s Athli app and receive both the gym and home workouts and can switch between plans, or they can purchase plans one at a time for a single fee with no recurring payments.

An All-Plans subscription is $19.99 per month or can be paid quarterly for $49.99 or annually for $159.99. Linn’s single-purchase plans range between $49 and $69 per plan. She also offers personalized nutrition plans, and all former Fitplan members and students receive discounts on her services.

You can browse Linn’s plans and purchase her fitness and meal plans at the Athli store.

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