Fitness influencer Sarah Bowmar shares her favorite bicep exercise

Sarah Bowmar selfie
Sarah Bowmar works up a sweat for a bicep exercise. Pic credit: @sarah_bowmar/Instagram

Sarah Bowmar isn’t a top fitness influencer for nothing, and she often shares some of her best fitness tips.

She posted a video full of tips while she stunned in a skintight red crop top with a scoop neckline and thin straps.

The entrepreneur paired the top with high-waisted gray leggings that perfectly hugged her fit figure.

Sarah sported slip-on active shoes that were cream-colored with a bubblegum pink hue as well.

The brunette beauty styled her hair back and out of her face so that she could jump into the exercise routine.

Sarah’s makeup was beautiful with long and dark lashes, rosy cheeks, and pink lips.

Sarah Bowmar shares her bicep exercise tips

Sarah’s outfit was cute and perfect for the gym, but her bicep exercise was the real star of the show.

The fitness influencer broke down exactly how to do a drag curl for the best results while including an educational voiceover and adding her tips in the caption as well.

Some of her best advice was to “lead with the wrists.” She also explained the importance of looking down and aiming the wrists at the eyes while doing the exercise.

She wrote that the “elbow will shift back compared to a regular curl where the elbow is stationary,” finishing off with a great comparison — that it should be the same motion as pulling up one’s pants.

Sarah looked incredible while doing the exercise, and her arms flexed beautifully to highlight the amazing benefits of a workout like this one.

Her followers seemed to appreciate the tips, as the video was flooded with over 7,000 likes and hundreds of comments.

Sarah Bowmar flexes her triceps for another exercise routine

Sarah’s vast knowledge involving fitness tips certainly doesn’t stop at the biceps. The hunter posted another informative video that would help to improve the strength of one’s triceps.

The fitness queen looked incredible in a black crop top that she paired with a dusty burgundy pair of pants. She left her luscious brown locks loose and her makeup was lightly done.

Her skillful tricep routine included dumbbell kickbacks, dips, and close-grip push-ups. Sarah suggested adding five rounds of the exercises to arm day.

Her caption explained the importance of the triceps when it comes to density, as she said this muscle makes up over half of the arm.

She went on to passionately write, “DO NOT neglect your triceps!”

Sarah certainly seems to be onto something, as her arms are looking absolutely incredible.

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