Fitness influencer Sarah Bowmar is ripped in hot pink bikini for Hawaii trip

Sarah Bowmar close up
Sarah Bowmar showed off her fit figure in a bikini. Pic credit: @sarah_bowmar/Instagram

Hawaii was not ready for the absolute goddess energy Sarah Bowmar brought to the island in her hot pink bikini yesterday.

The 34-year-old fitness influencer took a break on her vacation to pose in the revealing swimsuit, and oh my gosh, she looked incredible.

Beyond Sarah’s famously ripped abs, her ultra-toned legs and arms also came out to play, demanding attention from her 1.1 million followers.

She talks about it on her social media, but in case anyone forgot, this beautiful woman just gave birth to her second child a little over a year ago!

Standing next to a dark rock wall with lush tropical foliage in the background, Sarah looked thoroughly content, and as always, her hair was on point with sun-kissed highlights cascading over her shoulder.

She kept it simple with the caption, just writing, “H A W A I I ?️.”

Alright, so obviously those chiseled muscles didn’t just get there overnight. Sarah puts in the work every day, and thankfully, she shares many of her fitness secrets on social media.

Sarah Bowmar shared core exercises that ‘you should be doing’

Sarah took to Instagram last month with “core exercises you should be doing,” and after watching the video, it’s no wonder her abs look the way they do!

Dressed in a bright blue sports bra with black spandex leggings, the social media sensation started with weighted elevated leg raises and reverse crunches on the bench before moving on to rope crunches.

Then, she returned to the bench to finish with “whatever these are called,” which looked like weighted elevated-leg rainbows.

Sarah wrote in the caption, “Let’s call a spade a spade, you cannot spot reduce fat BUT you CAN properly engage your core, work on your breath, and properly target your entire core.”

She also urged her followers to seek professional help if they’re experiencing specific physical symptoms, such as coning, doming, or pelvic floor pain.

Sarah didn’t gatekeep when it came to the amazing blue sports bra she was rocking, telling fans to check out her story for the link.

Sarah Bowmar worked her shoulders at the gym in tight spandex

Okay, so moving up the body, Sarah showed everyone how she created such strong, sexy shoulders with some staple exercises.

The gorgeous Indiana native wore a bold red sports bra with black spandex leggings and black sneakers to the gym.

Naturally, even during what appeared to be a seriously intense workout, Sarah’s hair and makeup remained flawless as ever.

The workout included seated or standing arnold presses, plate upright rows, plate front raises, cable rear delt face pulls, and lateral raises with plates or dumbbells.

She added a note in the caption, “Of course my shoulder workouts look slightly different weekly regarding reps, sets, and exercises. But these movements are almost always incorporated into my shoulder days in one way or another.”

Now, for anyone looking to get more fitness tips from Sarah, she shares everything from skincare and recipes to workouts and travels on her website.

She even shared a full-day meal plan for those looking to shed weight, which included a balanced blend of light snacks and meals.

It’s also clear from her website and social media account that being a mother is her priority. But, seriously, Sarah does it all!

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