Fitness influencer Sarah Bowmar is ripped as she shares shoulder day workout

Sarah Bowmar smiles into the camera.
Sarah Bowmar showed off her impressive shoulder workout. Pic credit: @sarah_bowmar/Instagram

Sarah Bowmar shared the secret to her sculpted shoulders in stunning athletic wear.

She sported a light pink top that was tight fitting and showed off her incredible figure while also allowing the camera to fully capture the motion in her shoulders. She paired this with skintight black leggings that highlighted her muscular legs.

Sarah wore comfy slip-on sneakers that were perfect for the intense gym activity.

The hunter let her hair down loose as she worked out, with the brunette locks cascading past her shoulders. She wore just a touch of makeup to help accentuate her beautiful features.

Sarah showed off the impressive workout routine that would be sure to build shoulder muscles. The video included demonstrations of lateral raises, upright rows, alternating front raises, and curl presses.

The entrepreneur’s overall look was athletic and fit. She posted the video to her Instagram, earning well over 10,000 likes.

Sarah Bowmar promotes Rossa Self Tanning

Sarah doesn’t just have a fit figure, but she also has a glowing tan. She shared that her secret to achieving this natural-looking glow is through Rossa Self Tanning, in a promotion she posted to Instagram.

The athletic influencer demonstrated how to apply the self-tanner in a hot pink bikini that highlighted her stunning physique and her radiant skin.

Rossa Self Tanning is said to be moisturizing, and it’s made from vegan and organic ingredients. Sarah raved about the product and relayed that it smells great, doesn’t streak, and is easy to apply–among other great benefits.

Rossa Self Tanning was likely happy with this glowing review, as it received over 6,000 likes.

Sarah Bowmar shares a killer leg workout

Sarah loves to share her workout routines with her followers, and they seem to love it too. She posted an intense leg workout to Instagram that received over 11,000 likes and was flooded with hundreds of comments.

The 33-year-old sported an outfit that showed off her curvy figure and muscles. The hot pink spandex shorts were skintight and also allowed the camera to fully capture her incredible thigh and calf muscles.

The video was quite a flex and showed just how hardworking Sarah is. The workout included standing calf raises, kickbacks, kettlebell swings, and cable front squats.

Sarah welcomed 2023 with this workout and said in her caption that it was “A *fun* superset after my hip thrusts and squats.”

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