Fitness influencer Pamela Reif goes from ‘dry to wet’ at the beach

Pamela Reif selfie
Pamela Reif stuns in a red bikini. Pic credit: @pamela_rf/Instagram

As a fitness queen, Pamela Reif is sure to stun on the beach — and she recently did just that.

She posted a breathtaking look and included in her caption, “from dry to wet in 2 seconds – no discount code needed #hohoooo.”

Of course, her bright red bikini looked incredible on her flawless figure. The style complemented her toned abs and physique, which she works hard for through fitness training.

She didn’t include any accessories in her gorgeous look; instead, she let her bold bikini do all the talking. She worked her angles so the camera could capture all sides of the look.

Pamela left her bright blonde locks free, cascading over her shoulders in beach waves that reached her waist. Her hair was wet from a dip in the ocean water in the following few slides.

Her makeup was stunning as always, with long and dark lashes, rosy cheeks, and pink lips. The view was nearly as captivating as Pamela herself, with a cool blue sky over a calm ocean horizon.

Pamela Reif shares full-body workouts

Pamela is beach ready all year round, and there’s a reason why. She is constantly working out and loves sharing her secrets with the world.

She often has very intense workouts, but in a recent post to Instagram, she explained that she likes to have one calmer day per week to “balance it out.”

She included examples of these exercises in the form of pilates while clad in a stylish purple bikini.

The exercises included lunges with arm twists, planks with hydrants, and starfish crunches. She performed each without breaking a sweat and looked incredibly relaxed on a tropical beach.

Pamela included in her caption, “slow, elegant, graceful & HARD! ?? some great exercises that challenge your strength and balance. Abs, booty, back & arms – this includes everything! Very neighbour friendly, no jumping, no noise (only if you fall if you lose your balanace ???).”

Her followers appreciated the tips, as the post earned over 96,000 likes and was flooded with hundreds of comments.

Pamela Reif promises ‘rock-solid abs’

Pamela’s exercise methods seem worth a try, considering she is the very definition of fit. And she is sure that her workouts will help her fans look and feel amazing.

She told her Instagram followers that she uploaded a new 15-minute ab workout to YouTube, which she promised would deliver results.

The content creator included in her caption, “a hardcore, slow and not-sweaty way to feel like an elegant goddess with rock-solid abs ? my favorite exercises is the candle!!”

Once again, she looked completely in her element as she worked out with a gorgeous ocean view in the background.

Her post was flooded with over 150,000 likes and over 3,000 comments.

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