First Take’s Charly Arnolt preps for Super Bowl Sunday in Arizona

charly arnolt shares an instagram selfie in 2021
First Take’s Charly Arnolt is getting ready for Super Bowl Sunday. Pic credit: @charlyontv/Instagram

The sports world is gearing up for the latest edition of the Super Bowl, as the Kansas City Chiefs and Philadelphia Eagles will clash in this year’s matchup.

With Super Bowl Sunday several days away, TV personality Charly Arnolt was among those getting fans hyped up for the big event as ESPN provides their coverage leading up to the game.

Arnolt, formerly known in WWE as personality Charly Caruso, rocked a curve-hugging black dress in her latest content share, along with a pair of sleek black high-heel boots which went to just below her knees.

The brunette sports broadcaster had her hair flowing shoulder length. Among the accessories she wore were her dangling hoop earrings, bracelet, and shiny watch.

For her Instagram photo, Arnolt stood sideways, one knee bent, flashing a bright smile as she held onto one of the glass and metal barriers that featured the ESPN name.

Many fans were visible in the background, likely in attendance for ESPN’s show at the venue. Based on Arnolt’s caption, it was all about one thing in Arizona.

“KICKING off Super Bowl week 🙌🏽,” she wrote in her caption, including hashtags #phoenix, #scottsdale, and #superbowl.

As of this writing, the latest Instagram post from Arnolt collected over 14,000 likes and 300-plus comments for the TV personality as she prepares for the Super Bowl featuring the Eagles against the Chiefs.

Arnolt’s WWE career included an ongoing feud with a wrestling star

Fans of the WWE’s brand of professional wrestling are likely familiar with Arnolt, as the 35-year-old TV personality previously worked with the company from 2016 through 2021.

During her time as Charly Caruso, she started as a ring announcer with NXT. She then moved to the main roster as a host for various programs, such as kickoff shows for pay-per-views or live events. She also conducted backstage interviews with various WWE stars.

Arnolt never got in the ring for any matches during her time with WWE, but based on a Post Wrestling report, Charly may have some unfinished business to settle with one individual.

According to the report, there were a series of exchanges involving Arnolt and WWE’s Zelina Vega during the coronavirus pandemic. Those exchanges came due to a storyline involving Angel Garza. Vega was working with Garza as a valet, but he began showing interest in Arnolt, which led to Vega becoming upset.

While appearing on a virtual signing event hosted by Richie DeGregorio, Arnolt talked about needing that match to happen.

“We do need a Charly versus Zelina [Vega] match one day. That’s still — you know what? There was so many missed opportunities,” she said.

Even though Arnolt’s now working with ESPN and UFC, there’s always the possibility that WWE could find a way to pull off a cross-promotional match involving ESPN.

Arnolt partnered with Neutrogena and Johnson & Johnson brands

Due to her social media following, which includes 876,000 followers on Instagram, and her appearance on popular sports shows for ESPN, Arnolt can promote products and enter into partnerships.

In September 2022, she shared an Instagram video discussing why she partnered with Neutrogena and Johnson & Johnson. Arnolt said she loved summer a lot, but the sun could cause her hair and skin issues.

Her video focused on two specific products: J&J’s Rogaine for Women and Neutrogena’s Ultra Sheer Body Mist Sunscreen.

Arnolt wore a black bikini in portions of the video as she showed herself using the sunscreen and spoke about why it was a product she used. Additional footage had her in a curve-hugging beige dress as she talked about using the Rogaine product to regrow hair.

“Along with the sun, coloring my hair and styling it causes it to obviously break, so I’m using Women’s Rogaine Foam to revive my hair follicles,” she explained, saying it was “clinically proven to regrow more hair in three months.”

“Taking care of my skin and hair is a full-time job, so that’s why I’m working smarter, not harder!” Arnolt said in her caption, using the #ad hashtag and suggesting individuals could buy the products on Amazon.

Arnolt continues to look fabulous during all her appearances, whether for ESPN, UFC, or her stunning social media posts. Fans will be able to see her as she continues to help provide coverage on ESPN during Super Bowl Week.

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