Fans rally behind Ashley Judd after she’s trolled over effects of illness medication

Ashley Judd on the red carpet
Ashley Judd’s fans came to her defense after internet trolls took aim. Pic credit: ©

Fans are once again coming to Ashley Judd’s defense over cruel comments regarding her appearance caused by medication.

This is not the first time people have made negative comments over the fact the actress appeared to have a puffy face. In 2012 she was lambasted in the media with many articles accusing her of having a botched plastic surgery procedure and calling her names such as “pig” and “cow.”

At the time, Judd countered with a strongly worded article in the Daily Beast, where she accused her detractors of being part of a misogynistic patriarchy.

In the article, Judd blamed her unusual appearance on medication she was taking for an unspecified illness. “When I am sick for more than a month and on medication (multiple rounds of steroids), the accusation is that because my face looks puffy, I have ‘clearly had work done,” she wrote.

Judd berated various news outlets for continuously commenting on women’s physical appearance, thereby promoting the “hypersexualization of girls and women” and “degradation and objectification” of women.

Judd has been a strong women’s rights advocate and has been involved in the Me Too scandal when she accused Harvey Weinstein of sexually assaulting her while filming Kiss The Girls.

Fans rally behind Ashley Judd

The recent abuse came about when Judd’s profile was lifted on social media after she endorsed the presidential candidacy of Elizabeth Warren and was tweeted by the presidential hopeful. However, fans have condemned the abuse.

One user argued that the abuse Judd has been getting makes them think twice about letting people see them when sick.

Some folks showed solidarity with Judd by posting photos of themselves with puffy faces from taking medication.

Judd battles the internet trolls

Judd is no stranger to taking on the internet trolls on lots of issues. In 2015 the diehard Kentucky Wildcat fan commented on Twitter about a basketball game. After suggesting that she thought “Arkansas is playing dirty,” she was bombarded with abusive messages with foul language and sexually charged threats.

At the time, she tweeted the worst and most explicit examples of the abuse to her followers in order to raise awareness. She said, “Everyone needs to take personal responsibility for what they write and not allowing this misinterpretation and shaming culture on social media to persist.”

As well as promoting her political advocacy Ashley Judd has recently been impressing fans with her performances in Berlin Station.

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