Family Feud’s Steve Harvey shares the ‘adventurous’ place he’s made love

steve harvey and marjorie harvey red carpet
Steve and his wife, Marjorie, pose for photographers at the Beverly Hilton Hotel. Pic credit: ©

Steve Harvey is getting candid about his sex life.

The Family Feud host loves to interact with his contestants, and during a recent episode of the hit gameshow, he spilled some tea… and a lot of it.

Family Feud shared a clip of the exchange on its official Instagram page in a Reel captioned, “An adventurous couple makes love on top of WHAT?? 😯😯😯 #SteveHarvey: ‘I’ve done that before!’ #FamilyFeud.”

As two contestants went head-to-head at the podium, Steve called on them to “Name something an adventurous couple might make love on top of.”

The tape then fast-forwarded to a contestant named Shirley Franklin, who answered, “On top of the sink!”

Steve repeated Shirley’s answer with gusto, telling the crowd, “On top of that sink!”

Steve Harvey admits he’s had sex on top of a sink

Shirley was excited and confident about her response, telling her teammates and opponents, “Yeah, y’all know that’s a good answer!” as she received an outpouring of applause from the studio audience.

Steve continued to play along with Shirley, saying, “Reach back there and cut the water on?!” as he pretended to turn on a faucet.

As Shirley agreed with Steve, he continued to tease, “Whoo!” and emphatically gave Shirley a high-five.

“I’ve done that before, boy!” Steve shockingly admitted to the crowd.

Shirley was in shock, hurling back, “What’d you say?!”

“You gotta get that water temperature right, though,” Steve added, drawing more laughs and applause.

Unfortunately, Shirley’s answer was not on the board among the top answers. And, somewhat surprisingly, the number-one answer was “Volcano.”

Family Feud viewers react to Shirley’s answer

Family Feud viewers at home reacted to Shirley’s answer in the comments section of the Instagram Reel, and clearly, they were amused.

“Adventurous couple… I mean… top answer is volcano… and she answers a sink,” wrote @cruisiz1000.

Another Family Feud viewer asked, “How was Volcano #1? What in the Magic School bus going on out here?”

family feud contestants react to a contestant's answer on instagram
Pic credit: @familyfeud/Instagram

“And here I’m thinking she is going to say in a water bed 🛏️😭 but then she said a sink,” wrote @kaylamoralesalexand.

Yet another Instagram user used crying-laughing emojis to express how they felt about Shirley’s answer.

Was Steve referring to his love life with his wife, Marjorie?

While Shirley’s answer received lots of attention, Steve didn’t share any details about his experience making love on a sink.

It’s possible that Steve’s kitchen rendezvous took place with one of his two ex-wives or his current wife.

Steve was married to his first wife, Marcia Harvey, from 1981-1994, his second wife, Mary Lee Harvey, from 1996-2005, and has been married to his current wife, Marjorie Harvey, since 2007.

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Joyce Evans
Joyce Evans
3 months ago

It took me awhile to like Steve Harvey , I really love him now he’s right down funny without being nasty.