Fabolous and Emily B: The indictment, secret marriage report and everything else you need to know

Fabolous talks about whether he's still with Emily B in an old VLAD TV interview
Fabolous has been indicted by a grand jury in New Jersey for alleged domestic violence against Emily B. Photo credit: VLAD TV/YouTube

Whether Emily B likes it or not, a New Jersey grand jury chose to indict Fabolous on multiple charges related to an incident back in March where he was accused of domestic violence against the former Love & Hip Hop star. Though the decision was made last week, TMZ first reported of Fabolous’ indictment on Wednesday, revealing the shocking charges against him.

The grand jury charges include one count of domestic violence with significant bodily injury, two counts of threatening to kill and one count of possession of a deadly weapon. The weapon in question happens to be a pair of scissors.

There are a total of four felony charges against Fabulous and if found guilty, he could be looking at some serious prison time. Each of the counts carries up to 5 years behind bars.

Fabolous domestic abuse charges stem from March incidents

On March 7, Emily B claims that Fabolous attacked her, punching her over and over in the face. As a result, Emily’s two front teeth were knocked out and required surgery to repair.

The death threats and the weapons charge are both a result of the video of an altercation between Fabolous, Emily B, and her dad. When Emily’s dad showed up with her to confront Fabolous three weeks after the March 7 fight, he threatened them with a pair of scissors and threatened to kill them.

The incident was caught on video, so as far as evidence, it’s looking pretty locked up. However, there may be a loophole and Fabolous may have found it.

Are Fabolous and Emily B married?

Even though Emily B is the mother of Fabolous’ two children, he has never married her…possibly until now. While some are still checking to see if Emily B and Fabolous are even still together, there have been reports that the pair might actually be secretly married.

Back in August, Fabolous posted a picture of himself and Emily B on the Gram and in it, he teased about a possible marriage and even included an engagement ring emoji as seen below.

Now, Emily B seems to be wearing that ring or at least one that looks very much like a wedding ring. Also, she’s wearing it on THAT finger.

Fabolous has also been photographed with what really looks like a wedding ring lately.

While Emily B and Fabolous haven’t made a formal announcement about getting married, they’re at a point where getting hitched might actually make sense — for him at least.

With a grand jury indictment looming over his head, Fabolous needs all the help he can get if he wants to stay out of jail. While Emily B failed to press charges, what’s to stop a judge from forcing her to testify? The answer is marriage.


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