Exclusive Kevin Nash interview: Nash talks nWo Hall of Fame possibilities and his thoughts on AEW wrestling

Exclusive Kevin Nash interview: Nash talks nWo Hall of Fame possibilites and his thoughts on AEW wrestling
Kevin Nash talks nWo in the Hall of Fame and the arrival of the AEW. Pic credit: WWE

WWE Hall of Fame legend Kevin Nash was at the TCA winter press tour to talk about his new upcoming television appearance in the Britbox show There She Goes.

While talking about his upcoming television show, Nash took the time to talk to Monsters & Critics about wrestling as well.

Nash mentioned how he had a great career in wrestling, working in WCW, WWE and TNA. However, he said after 30 years his body told him it was time to hang it up, which has led to his journey into acting.

Despite that, he still has a love for wrestling, saying that he enjoyed the “grass roots” journey into the independent scene once his career in TNA came to an end.

As for the WWE, Nash said that he is still unsure of whether or not the nWo will find their place in the WWE Hall of Fame. When asked about him, Hulk Hogan and Scott Hall making it there as a unit, he said that is still up in the air.

“Overall, we’re in individually,” he remarked. “I don’t know. I mean, it depends on if they have completely forgiven Hulk, I guess. I think if you put the nWo in, you have to put Eric Bischoff in with us because he was the architect.”

We also asked Kevin Nash about the AEW and any advice he would give the promotion to achieve success.

“I have heard so many rumors,” Nash revealed. He said that he heard the owner, who is worth $8 billion, gave his son $100 million to start the company.

“In wrestling with the production costs and what it costs to pay for talent, you can go through $100 million pretty quick,” Nash explained. “So far, from what I have seen, their strategy is to grow slow. You can’t compete at somebody that is at the level of the WWE.”

Nash said that the people that WWE hires are the best in the business. The social media people alone have everything they do trending at the top of Twitter all the time. Nash said that he bought their stock at $17 and now it is $80.

Nash then said that he wished AEW luck and then pointed out that one thing they already caused is WWE paying the talent more this year just because of the competition with that $100 million in their back pocket. Nash also said that AEW is great for the “1099 wrestlers” — the independent contractors.


He also talked about the wrestlers from the past, commenting on how great someone like Ric Flair was and mentioning that he will be at Flair’s 70th birthday party.

Kevin Nash talked about how different wrestling is now than how it used to be, with the old guys being always in character and the new guys being entertainment.

He also said that, despite the new style of professional wrestling, people still look at us the “red-headed stepchild.” He said that making a movie about wrestling now is not possible unless it is a period piece from the ’70s. Otherwise, it comes across as “shticky” to non-wrestling fans.

Nash said that making a movie based on the stories of someone like Ric Flair is the only way that could work.

Nash mentioned that his life was not as exciting as someone like Flair when it comes to making a movie. One example is that Nash has been married to the same woman for 30 years — saying she should be sainted.

He said that it was Ravishing Rick Rude who helped him ente the business, telling him never to bring the wife around the world of wrestling.

“No matter how good you are, there will always be that one person that they see and say: ‘you aren’t like him when you are on the road, are you?’ No, I’m not.”

As for future movie roles, Nash looked at the superhero possibilities in the future and he said that his dream would have been to play Cable. Nash said that Cable in the comics was huge and he would have loved to play him.

At the same time, Nash said that if he were the producer, he would have chosen Josh Brolin over him too.

However, Nash said that he would love to break the stereotype as something other than a “heavy.” With guys like Batista and The Rock in the action roles, Nash said that he would prefer comedies — it is just hard for someone his size to get cast in those roles.

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