Exclusive interview: Terrell Davis, Super Bowl champ, explains how to ‘control the controllable’ amid pandemic

Terrell Davis, Super Bowl champ, gives exclusive interview about pandemic.
Terrell Davis, Super Bowl champ, gave us an exclusive interview about the current pandemic. Pic credit: Terrell Davis

Terrell Davis soared to fame on the football field, overcoming challenges to become a winning athlete.

The 47-year-old, who is known as a Super Bowl champion and was inducted into the NFL Hall of Fame in 2017, talked with Monsters and Critics about the very different challenges that we all face during the coronavirus pandemic.

As a Los Angeles, California, resident, Terrell has been following the statewide shelter-in-place order since late March 2020. He reflected on the resulting challenges and offered his tips on how to “do your part on the team.”

Terrell Davis seeks to ‘control the controllable’

Davis, who lists the top three highlights of his life as winning a Super Bowl, making the Football Hall of Fame, and the birth of his children, admits it’s “been tough” coping with the “shelter in place” and social distancing rules.

“COVID-19 is unique in that we haven’t been in this position before, so it takes some adjustment,” said Terrell. “All the outlets we use to get away — be it the gym, work, a sports league, or even a stroll in the park — it’s all on hold.”

Like many people, the athlete views exercise as the way to eliminate stress. The gym was his “place of zen.” Without that outlet, Davis focuses on learning to “control the controllable.”

The Football Hall of Fame star also recommends focusing on the positives and to “think about the time you otherwise wouldn’t have.” Terrell says he is “cherishing the time I have had with my kids that I otherwise wouldn’t have had,” calling his family time a “blessing.”

Terrell Davis explains why it’s time to go ‘all in’ on ‘shelter in place’ and social distancing rules

Some individuals have been seen defying the “shelter in place” and social distancing rules. Terrell advocates following them and going “all in” on the guidelines during the coronavirus crisis.

“We all need to do our part,” pointed out Davis. “The sooner we practice shelter in place and social distancing, the quicker we can get back to normal life. We all need to listen and take this very seriously.”

And for those who need to head out for an essential errand such as the grocery store, the Super Bowl champ recommends that they follow these steps:

  • Be careful.
  • Use the protective gear.
  • Remember to wash your hands.

“The team is only strong if we are all in this together,” emphasized Terrell. “If you do your part on the team, we will all succeed.”

Terrell Davis offers a positive prediction for life after coronavirus crisis

Asked what he will value most of all when the fears of coronavirus, social distancing, and shelter-in-place guidelines are over, Davis revealed that he will appreciate “the simple things in life” even more.

“I think we should remember that we live in a pretty privileged society,” he said. “We take a lot for granted. Yes, we are ‘in quarantine’ but we have food, running water, and of course our families.”

For those longing to find something positive amid the current crisis, Davis sees his own “silver lining” in the ability to “spend some quality time with my family.” He also has a positive prediction for the future.

“I know this country. I know who we are as Americans,” said Terrell. “Survival — it’s in our DNA and we will bounce back. We will get through this pandemic and come back — bigger and stronger.”

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