Exclusive interview: Jason Biggs talks American Pie, family, and a very fitting collab

Jason Biggs on the red carpet
Jason Biggs is still a pie lover nearly 25 years after American Pie. ©

You can’t see Jason Biggs without thinking about his iconic role in the 1999 blockbuster American Pie, and he knows it.

Now, he’s capitalizing on his role in one of the most famous coming-of-age comedies and that unforgettable scene.

Biggs has enjoyed a long career in the entertainment business as both an actor and producer.

Monsters and Critics had a chance to sit down with Biggs to catch up a bit, and — you guessed it — we talked about pie.

After all, pie seems to be the one thing that audiences remember when thinking of Jason Biggs, and now, he’s capitalizing on that moment in cinematic history that made him a household name.

Partnering with Edwards Desserts, Biggs is bringing us a whole new flavor of pie to try this summer, and, spoiler alert, there’s no apple in it.

Here’s how you can get your hands on Edwards Desserts’ special pie designed by Jason Biggs

The reason for Jason Biggs’ chat with Monsters and Critics was to get the word out about his new partnership with Edwards Desserts and to share how pie fans can get their hands on his new flavor, Pie Lovers Passion Fruit.

It’s a really special pie that only will be available for a limited time. In fact, in order to try one, you have to sign up for a contest to win it, and if you do, a pie autographed by Jason Biggs will be delivered to your door.

As he explained during our conversation, this pie is coconut passion fruit mousse, mango crème, pineapple lemongrass cream, garnished with tropical jellies, pineapple compote, and gold leaf in a fresh-baked vanilla cookie crumb crust.

The sweepstakes to win this special pie starts on June 30 at 9 a.m. ET. You can sign up for a reminder to enter here.

Jason Biggs reveals why he chose pie

It seems like a no-brainer that Jason Biggs would partner with a pie company at some point. The biggest question we have is, what took so long?

As far as what motivated him to do this now, he explained.

“I am the guy… I’m the pie guy, I did that scene. I’m just incredibly proud of it. I’m proud it stood the test of time,” Biggs explained. “I’m proud that I’m still here working all these years later. It’s just happy, and it’s vibes. It’s such a nostalgic thing, people… it brings up such wonderful memories.”

He continued, “It’s super nostalgic for me too. That’s why I’m here doing this partnership with Edwards. It felt like the right time for me. There’s lots of reasons why I partnered specifically with Edwards, but one of them, of course, is… it felt like the right time for me to lean into this. I’ve been the pie guy for the last quarter of a century, and it just feels like there’s an appetite out there, no pun intended, for leaning into this kind of nostalgia.”

There’s more for the American Pie actor and his new pie partnership, including some funny commercials and videos that he thinks we should all look out for. Check out our interview with Jason Biggs and get ready for a sweet, sweet summer.

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