Exclusive interview: 9-1-1 star Oliver Stark talks Buck, making friends on set, and the causes he cares about

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Oliver Starks stars as Buck on 9-1-1. Pic credit: The Riker Brothers

Oliver Stark has become quite the breakout star from FOX’s hit, 9-1-1. He plays Evan “Buck” Buckley and despite being the egotistical “man’s man” that he was at the beginning of Season 1, viewers have grown to love him.

Monsters & Critics had a chance to talk to the 9-1-1 fan favorite and Oliver Stark spilled some interesting tidbits about his life and the show. As we wait several weeks before the series returns, here is what he had to say.

Monsters & Critics: How did you get the role of Buck on 9-1-1?

Oliver Stark: I received an email for a random audition, as any audition for me has been over the past few years. It’s a funny story because I was watching The Hollywood Reporter round[table] and Ryan Murphy was talking on it.

So, I was actually watching it when the email popped up of 9-1-1, a new show, so I went in the next day and auditioned. I met Ryan Murphy the day after that and then a few weeks later, I got a very happy phone call.

M&C: How can you relate to the role of Buck and are you as sentimental as he is?

Oliver Stark: I relate to him in the sense of me going on to this job compared to the other cast, as I was kind of the rookie among the cast…and in the first season of being the rookie in the firehouse.

As I have become more settled with the cast on the show, our lives have kind of mirrored each other. It has been kind of therapeutic I guess to play it out through him.

I would say I have always thought of myself as being emotional rather than sentimental. Sentimental to me implies a connection to things whereas I consider myself more emotional then sentimental.

M&C: Is there going to be a new love interest for Buck on the show?

Oliver Stark: I don’t know. We obviously played around with a few a couple of episodes ago. To be honest, I don’t know if they are coming back or not.

I don’t know what the future holds with that. We have only filmed what has been aired and we’ll start filming again in the new year. I don’t know what’s to come but I’m sure there is something.


M&C: What is your favorite storyline so far, I guess what 9-1-1 call was the most memorable one?

Oliver Stark: I really enjoyed the tapeworm one from last season because it was so bizarre and different. That was a lot of fun.

Also, I think the earthquake this year for the spectacle to be a part of these huge set pieces. They all kind of stick out in my mind for different reasons.

M&C: Do you guys (the cast) get along really well together? It looks like you get along on-screen and are the best of friends, does that carry over into when you are filming and hanging out outside of the show?

Oliver Stark: Yeah, I mean genuinely it does. In fact, I think the fact that we all like each other so much then carries over into the show.

It’s really lovely to hang out with this cast and it is something we do often and we spend our spare time together as well.

The show has been quite amazing because not only has it brought a great career step for me but I made some good friends out of it as well.

M&C: Would you ever consider doing the American Horror Story because Ryan Murphy does that as well?

Oliver Stark: Of course. Totally. I mean I am very happy on 9-1-1 and I love the show so I wouldn’t want it to take me away from that but if ever it was something that could work at the same time I would love a chance to do that.

M&C: I read through your Twitter and it says that you’re a feminist and you support the Black Lives Matter movement, tell me about your activism.

Oliver Stark: I mean, right now, I don’t actively do too much apart from, you know, share people’s voices who maybe I have slightly more of a platform at the moment so I want to be retweeting certain things that amplify the voices of those who don’t necessarily have that platform.

I think it’s just about educating or trying to educate those around you and listening to the people around you and trying to understand people’s plights that are different.

More than anything, I am just someone who wants everybody to be nice to each other. The two that are on my Twitter are huge concerns in the world right now and I think are things that need to be sorted out and, hopefully, if we could get to that point, positivity would influence a lot of things.

M&C: How are you handling all the attention from women? Has it amplified since 9-1-1?

Oliver Stark: I guess. I am certain, it’s given me a level of visibility and exposure that I never had before. I know that that’s there and I take it as a compliment and I just try to not take it too seriously. I’ll be caught up in a bad way if I pay that too much attention, so I just laugh it off.


M&C: My final question for you has to be about your birthmark. Why do you think people make such a big deal about it? Do people actually ask you about it or is it something you openly said in the beginning and now people are running with it?

Oliver Stark: No, it’s never been too much of a sting in my head. I’ve never been the one to bring it into a conversation.

I guess people are reacting to it so much because, in general, things like that are covered up on TV. But for me, I’d have to say even when I was young and, listen, I had plenty of insecurities as we all do, that was never one of them.

It’s just never rested in my opinion of myself. But, the fact that so many people are finding reasons to talk about it, which is, thankfully, mostly positive, is great and I am all for it.

You can catch Oliver Stark as Buck on 9-1-1 when the show returns Monday, March 18, 2019, at 9/8c on FOX.

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