Ex-soldier Kindly Myers is scorching in a bikini made of shells

Kindly Myers
Kindly Myers sizzles in a recent selfie. Pic credit: @kindly/Instagram

Kindly Myers is an army veteran who looks absolutely fabulous in a bikini thanks to her toned physique.

According to her own social media bio, she’s a “professional smokeshow.” In other words, she knows that she looks good.

The blonde bombshell shared a series of photos wearing a gorgeous bikini from the Andi Bagus brand.

While striking a pose in the sand near the ocean, she looked like a true model who would be invited to star in any magazine.

Not long before that, she posed in a Playboy bunny costume in the midst of fall right in time for spooky season.

Halloween costumes, bikinis, and just about everything else manage to look great on Kindly.

Kindly Myers rocks an Andi Bagus bikini

Kindly pulled off a bikini made of shells and looked like an absolute goddess. The bikini top was lined with shells of different sizes on top of tan threaded material.

The bikini bottoms were mainly made of the same tan threaded material aside from two lines of shells crossing over in front of her lower belly. Kindly accessorized with several bracelets on both wrists, a silver necklace, and a ring.

She wore a face of dramatic makeup that included lashes, eyeshadow, eyebrow tint, foundation, and lip gloss, and her long blonde hair was parted to the side in messy beachy waves.

The cursive letter tattoo on the side of her rib cage and waist was also visible. Kindly went barefoot with her feet digging into the sand for two out of her three pictures.

Kindly Myers models a playboy bunny costume

Kindly modeled a Playboy bunny costume this fall, which left little to the imagination due to its low-cut design. It came in a dark shade of blue and was made with shiny material.

The corset-style bodysuit tugged on the curves of her midsection in a dazzling way. It was strapless and sleeveless, showing off tons of skin on her upper chest and arms.

She accessorized the costume with a Playboy bunny ribbon pinned to one hip, a fluffy bunny tail on her back side, two strips of white fabric on her wrists, a white collar, and a pair of blue bunny ears on top of her head.

The model posed for the photos on a balcony rooftop, which added a very mysterious and edgy vibe to the experience. In two of the pictures from the photo thread, she looked off into the distance in a longing and seductive matter.

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