Eva Longoria in blue bikini soaks up ‘Vitamin Sea’

eva longoria bikini
Eva Longoria is wearing a blue bikini on a boat as she soaks up the sun. Pic credit: © Bennight/AdMedia

Eva Longoria is letting mother nature heal her as she poses on a boat deck and enjoys some “Vitamin Sea.”

The Desperate Housewives actress shared photos from her travels on her social media page, where 8.8 million fans follow her every move. The bronzed beauty lounged on comfortable furniture with plush white cushions on her seat and under her feet.

Eva wore a blue string bikini as she relaxed on the deck and rested her feet on an ottoman.

Eva channeled her best Mona Lisa look, smiling ever so slightly as she tilted her head and looked at the camera. She allowed her natural beauty to shine as she appeared bare-faced on the yacht deck.

She placed her head in her hand and struck a pensive pose while she looked overboard at the beautiful cliffs and bright blue sea. Eva’s bronzed skin and taut tummy were fully visible as she took some much-needed R & R on the ocean.

Her caption was a double entendre that read, “Vitamin sea,” with a wave emoji.

Eva Longoria has been married three times

The saying “third time is a charm” seems applicable to Eva’s marriage history. 

Eva first married fellow actor Tyler Christopher from the ABC soap General Hospital. The marriage did not bring Eva luck, lasting only two years, from 2002 to 2004. 

Eva’s second husband was French-born NBA player Tony Parker. Eva and Tony were married from 2007 to 2011.

Eva married Mexican businessman José Bastón in 2016, and the two welcomed a son, Santiago Enrique Bastón, in 2018.

Eva offered insight into why the marriage lasted, and it involved maturity.

Eva Longoria reveals why third marriage worked

Eva discussed her previous marriages on her Connections podcast, where she hosted her guest, Chilean author Isabel Allende. 

Eva revealed that when she was younger, she felt more jealousy, and a lack of maturity led to her first marriages failing.

Eva explained, “I think jealousy takes up such an amount of energy. I remember being so jealous and like, ‘your stomach is inside out.’ It’s the worst feeling. Why would anybody want that feeling?”

Eva continued, “I think that’s why with my second marriage… no wait, my third. But I do think finding love at 40 — I found Pepe when I was 40 and he was 50 — it was just like, ‘Can we just enjoy this life together?’ I mean, I do yell at him for the toothbrush or something like that still.”

With six years down in her current marriage, it appears that the third time really is a charm for Eva and José.

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