Eva Henger stuns in a skimpy bikini to talk jealousy

Eva Henger
Eva Henger poses with a rosy and bronzed makeup look. Pic credit: @eva_henger/Instagram

Eva Henger has gained many fans and admirers and some jealous viewers.

The beautiful model spends tons of time on Instagram posting jaw-dropping content.

It’s not shocking that she’s got 1.1 million followers keeping up with her posts.

Now, she’s calling out the haters who might be suffering from a little bit of jealousy whenever they see her pics.

Eva doesn’t need to be wearing much at all to make a bold statement on social media.

Her recent photo thread is just enough to make anyone intrigued by her.

Eva Henger calls out jealous people in her skimpy bikini

Eva’s bikini-clad photo thread consisted of six gorgeous pictures showing her sizzling physique.

She added a caption that read, “Healing jealousy means observing it for what it is: dissatisfaction with ourselves.”

Eva Henger poses in a sparkling purple bikini.
Pic credit: @eva_henger/Instagram

It’s true that jealousy usually stems out of the hearts of people who aren’t pleased with their own circumstances.

Eva seems to be generally happy with herself and her appearance based on her consistent social media content.

In the thread, Eva wore a sparkling purple bikini that left little to the imagination.

The glitter of the swimsuit certainly made it stand out compared to other swimwear options that aren’t so eccentric.

Eva accessorized with a simple necklace and two bracelets strapped around her wrist.

In the pictures, she held her wavy, ombre hair over her head in a seductive manner.

Her makeup looked flawless as she chose to keep things fresh and simple with pink lipstick, eyeliner, lashes, and foundation.

Eva Henger looks just as dazzling in a yellow bikini

Eva’s sparkling purple bikini definitely garnered attention, but that’s not the only swimsuit she’s rocked on Instagram.

In a separate photo thread posted during the summertime, Eva posed on the edge of the pool in a bright yellow two-piece.

The top was a bandeau-style cover, and the bikini bottoms were simple with thick straps around her waist.

Eva accessorized the yellow swimsuit with a necklace and two bracelets stacked on top of each other.

Just like in her purple bikini pic, the tattoo on her forearm was easily visible.

Her perfectly toned tummy and super sleek legs were also visible thanks to the position of her body.

Eva swept her wild ringlets of hair over to one side and kept her makeup light and natural.

Bikinis are very much Eva’s garment of choice when it comes to posting on Instagram. The blonde stunner posted another three pics recently of her rocking a gorgeous pink bikini.

The three shots showed Eva sitting on a sun lounger on a sunny beach. The pink two-piece bikini featured spaghetti straps held together with golden hearts.

Her dirty blond hair had a stunning messy look and was flowing in the wind. She accessorized with a couple of subtle bracelets on one wrist and another on her ankle.

Her caption was once again heading into philosophical territory as she wrote, “Only he who knows he does not know is wise, not who deludes himself that he knows and thus ignores even his own ignorance.”

This post quickly racked up over 20,000 likes.

However, it’s not always bikinis, sometimes Eva will switch to a one-piece swimming costume, such as this sparkly pink outfit from August.

Eva posted four photos of her posing on what looked like a balcony in some exotic location. Posing in three different positions, Eva revealed her stunning physique.

For this caption, Eva wrote, “Pink is not just a colour, it’s a way of being.” Pink certainly looks amazing on her.

This post also picked up thousands of likes from her legion of fans.

Eva always seems to post from super exotic locations. In another post from earlier this summer, she was back in a one-piece pink swimming costume, but this time she appeared to be climbing on the rigging of an old boat anchored in a sandy bay.

These two pics showed Eva posing in a shocking pink swimsuit with black and white patches.

Her caption read, “Observing yourself is as difficult as looking back without turning around.”

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