Eva Gutowski highlights legs in throwback fashion

Eva Gutowski poses for the camera
Eva Gutowski put on a sophisticated red lip and long gold earrings for an event. Pic credit: ©

YouTuber Eva Gutowski has been in the industry for quite some time, so it’s only logical that she knows all about the fashion industry and how it used to be back when she first began posting videos online.

But her style has for sure evolved so much as the years have passed. She went from making clothing haul videos for the back-to-school season to becoming a true fashionista.

Not to mention, Eva has definitely found her true style now, as well as becoming more confident in herself and her body.

Now, as a 28-year-old, the social media personality thought it would be a good idea to go down memory lane and wear an outfit her younger self would have worn.

Eva put on a black shirt with white edges, letters, and a bunny at the top of her chest.

She paired this with a pair of light blue shorts which allowed her to show off her incredibly long and toned legs.

Eva Gutowski shows off her 2015-inspired outfit

To reflect that it is autumn, she opted for footwear, which was a pair of beige, knee-high velvet boots.

She showed the camera her red manicure by taking a mirror selfie of her outfit.

The YouTuber put her long hair into two braids and made sure that it was slicked back to make her look extra stylish.

Eva posted this picture in her Instagram Stories as well as adding a little text on top that said, “A very 2015 outfit.”

Eva Gutowski shows off her outfit in mirror selfie
Pic credit: @mylifeaseva/Instagram

Eva Gutowski talks about her war with acne

Just last fall, Eva released her skincare line which she called Coastal Citizen.

Eva has always been open about her struggle with acne throughout her life. The social media personality talked with New Beauty about the sustainability of her products as well as her own experience trying out a lot of different products in her life to try and minimize and/or eliminate her acne. She stated that a lot of those products that she tried since she was in junior high left her skin “worse” as well as dry.

She had to struggle with acne for a decade, but finally, the war is over. She also talked about her journey by saying, “The best part about this journey was being able to give good skin care back to my community. … I’ve truly struggled with getting my skin to the place that I love.”

Eva continued, “Now that I have this skin that I’m so proud of, I’m able to give that back to my community and say, ‘Here are the tools that I created to make my skin this amazing. Here is the answer that worked for me, and let’s go through this together.’ It’s an amazing feeling.”

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