European actress Gia Skova spotted amid bikini photo shoot at the beach

Gia Skova purses her lips for a selfie in a straw hat.
Russian model Gia Skova enjoys a sunny day on the beach. Pic credit: @giaskovareal/Instagram

Russian actress and model Gia Skova had fun in the sun this weekend.

Gia donned a string bikini for a waterfront photoshoot in Los Angeles on Sunday.

The actress, who now resides in the United States, regularly enjoys beach days.

Gia has posed for plenty of beach photo shoots before. Like many other models and actresses, she has been on the cover of numerous fashion magazines like Glamour.

Somehow, Gia made nothing but a string bikini seem chic and fashionable.

She threw both of her arms in the air and smiled wide looking at the camera.

Gia wore a nude-colored two-piece bathing suit as she frolicked on the beach.

The model donned a sporty white baseball hat with cursive gold writing on it that advertised a beach club.

The 31-year-old accessorized with nothing but the baseball hat to keep the California sun out of her eyes. She wore her signature blonde hair down, and it blew in the wind behind her as she posed.

Gia Skova reaches for the sky
Gia Skova shows off her toned beach body in a string bikini. Pic credit: Boaz/BACKGRID

Gia Skova likes to soak up the sun

Gia seems to be a fan of the bikini and baseball cap combo while hanging out at the beach.

Last month she shared another bikini picture with her Instagram followers. The post shows the Russian beauty walking in the waves in a bright purple bikini and a sporty red and white hat.

The model captioned this post, “There is beauty in everything, but not everyone can see it..”

Gia plans to continue filmmaking

Gia opened up about her future projects beyond modeling during an interview published in Authority Magazine earlier this year.

The Russian native has worked both in front of the camera and behind it. Gia previously used her talents to write and star in the 2021 action thriller The Serpent.

In the movie, Gia plays CIA special agent Lucinda Kavsky, the story’s main heroine (who weirdly has an almost British accent in the movie despite the character being American and the actress being Russian).

Gia shared that she plans to continue down the path of filmmaking and explore other creative endeavors.

The multi-talented model was working on at least three projects at the time of the interview, ranging from a younger children’s movie to a more serious film about a spy detective.

Gia clarified with pride that all three projects are her idea and her script.

The Serpent is available to rent on Amazon Prime.

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