Etika ‘swatted’ by NYPD on Instagram Live: YouTuber threatens to press charges

Youtuber Etika arrested
Etika claimed he was “swatted” by someone online who reported him, leading to his detainment. Pic credit: Etika/YouTube

YouTuber Etika was detained by the NYPD after allegedly making suicide references during an Instagram live stream.

Desmond ‘Etika’ Amofah had a 30-minute standoff on Instagram Live with the NYPD after he was reportedly “swatted” — a phrase used to describe an incident where someone calls the police to have a SWAT Team raid someone else.

Etika initially refused to open the door to his apartment and the responding NYPD officers broke down his door and detained the YouTuber.

“I’m really scared right now,” the popular YouTuber said on his Instagram Live stream with over 19,000 viewers watching as several police officers, equipped with riot gear, entered his premises to detain him. The social media star can be heard speaking to the police officers before he is removed from his Brooklyn residence.

Later in the day, the 28-year-old talked about the “swatting” in a series of tweets. In one, Etika threatened to press charges against the person who he claims “swatted” him.

Swatting is a criminal harassment act of making a hoax phone call to law enforcement so that they respond to a particular address.

A lot of footage has emerged from Etika’s alleged swatting incident. One video shows the gaming streamer being detained and carried away on a stretcher.

Etika took another video from his Brooklyn apartment where he is seen yelling to police from his window that “people online are trying to hurt me”. The YouTuber continues by telling the NYPD officers that he is being targeted because he makes “a lot of porn.”

Fiona Nova, who is friends with Etika and can be seen with him in photos on his Instagram, claims that he suffers from bipolar disorder and has blocked his close friends who are attempting to help him.

Since being detained by the police, Etika has continued to post a string of messages on Twitter and also posted a photo of a letter from Brooklyn Methodist Hospital on his Instagram account.

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