Ethan Suplee opens up about incredible weight loss in new podcast American Glutton

Ethan Suplee on the red carpet
Ethan Suplee claims he lost and gained 1000 pounds over 20 years. Pic credit: © / Carrie-nelson

Ethan Suplee has opened up about his dramatic weight gain and loss on his new podcast American Glutton.

Known for his role on My Name Is Earl, Suplee has already been hitting the headlines due to his weight loss because of images he has been posting on Instagram. The Remember The Titans actor is really looking quite buffed up.

On his podcast, the 43-year-old actor discusses various health issues with experts and guests, and in the debut episode, Suplee talks about his own life-long battle with food. Suplee reckons he has gained and lost approximately 1000 pounds in the last 20 years, and says he has “done all the diets.”

At his heaviest, he weighed approximately 530 pounds and at his lightest, about 220 pounds. He has recently documented his efforts to get fit on Instagram.

Ethan talked about how his grandparents first tried to limit his food intake when he was five and how his father put him on a diet when he was ten. He said, “I had this idea now that food was something that people didn’t want me to have.”

He continued by saying that this made him feel uncomfortable eating in front of other people, “so if I wanted to have more, I needed to do it privately.”

He spoke of visiting nightclubs with friends and then going to drive-thru’s on his way home to consume “three meals just before bedtime.” He says he now no longer eats after dark.

After My Name Is Earl was canceled, Ethan admits that the acting roles dried up for him. Having previously lost quite a bit of weight, he then started piling it on again.

Ethan’s sister-in-law and fellow actor Juliette Lewis congratulated Ethan on his weight loss on her Instagram, “So proud of my bro in law,” she wrote while promoting his podcast.

A turning point

Ethan says the turning point for him came after a chance encounter and conversation on an airplane with Jim Caviezel. The Passion of the Christ star allegedly told Ethan he was destined for Hell because he wasn’t emulating Jesus Christ.

Ethan points out that while he didn’t have a religious epiphany or anything like that, the conversation did upset him, and he decided to get into shape. Since then, he has started weightlifting and has become seriously ripped, as his Instagram pics attest to. He says his goal now is to have a six-pack and to be able to deadlift twice his own weight.

His podcast American Glutton dropped its first episode on January 8.

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