Espinoza Paz has a new look: Singer goes bleach blond

Espinoza Paz goes blonde
Espinoza Paz has fans talking about his new blonde look. Pic credit: @espinozapaz/Instagram
Espinoza Paz goes blonde
Espinoza Paz has fans talking about his new blonde look. Pic credit: @espinozapaz/Instagram

Famed regional music artist Espinoza Paz surprised fans today with several new pictures of himself, showing off his new hair. Paz has always kept his hair short and neat, but now the singer’s hair is bleach blond.

Paz appears to be having fun with his new hairstyle, posting several pictures and jokes to go along with them for fans to enjoy. The singer is really hyping himself up with his new look, and we understand why.

Espinoza Paz and his new look

Espinoza Paz is not one to talk himself down. In fact, he seems rather proud of the way that he looks and of his music. He posted a selfie on his Instagram on March 2, with his dark hair, everything looking the same.

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The next day, the artist was posting a lot of selfies with his new blond hair, cracking jokes about things he should do now that he’s changed his look. Many of his fans seem to enjoy the change, commenting their approval of his new hairstyle. All the while, Paz is keeping himself excited about his hair and new music.

We’re looking forward to seeing all of the new pictures of Paz’s new hair, and the jokes and promises he makes with them.

New music coming from Paz

Over the past couple of weeks, Espinoza Paz has been updating his YouTube channel with more music. His social media posts are constantly promoting his new album, Hombre. The Latin Grammy nominee isn’t stopping his journey to win after all.

Paz has been nominated several times for the Latin Grammy’s but hasn’t taken the award home yet. Maybe with his new album and new hair, he’s feeling a resurgence of confidence to take home the award. All of his fans agree that it’s high time that he takes one home for his contributions to music.

With Paz relentlessly promoting his new album and music, we’re hoping to see that Grammy going home with him soon. Hombre is available through most digital music streaming services.

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