‘Eskimo brothers’: What does term used by Andy Cohen and Anderson Cooper mean?

Anderson Cooper and Andy Cohen posing together on a boat
Anderson Cooper and Andy Cohen are “Eskimo brothers”, but what does that mean? Pic credit: @andersoncooper/Instagram

Anderson Cooper and Andy Cohen are best friends and they even headline the AC2 together. However, on a recent episode of Watch What Happens Live!, Cohen revealed that he and Cooper are also “Eskimo brothers” — but what does that mean?

It all went down during a game of One, Two, AC where Cynthia Bailey asked Andy Cohen, “What’s the one thing people don’t know about the two of you?” That’s when Andy revealed that he and Anderson Cooper are Eskimo brothers.

According to Dictionary.com, Eskimo brothers is “a term that refers to men who have had sex with the same woman at different points in time. It can sometimes be considered offensive.”

In Anderson and Andy’s case, he’s not talking about a woman. In fact, the AC2 partners have both hooked up with the same guy.

Anderson Cooper, who was there for the questioning, clearly thought this was funny and laughed at Andy’s response. Cynthia didn’t know what it meant and Andy quickly suggested she look it up.

“You’ve got to look it up on Urban Dictionary. I can’t even say it on this show.”

Cooper claimed that he wasn’t even sure if the Eskimo brothers claim was true or not. To that, Andy exclaimed, “It’s true. It’s true. We just found this out a few weeks ago.”

It’s not clear exactly which lover Andy Cohen and Anderson Cooper have in common. While they did reveal quite a bit during the WWHL segment, they didn’t divulge the identity of whomever they have both bedded.

They did promote the AC2 live tour as well as their plans to co-host CNN’s New Year’s Eve Live again this year.

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