Erika Costell shows off abs in thigh-skimming miniskirt

Erika Costell poses for the camera
Erika Costell looks beautiful with glossy lips. Pic credit: © Nelson

Erika Costell is an American internet personality mostly known for her YouTube videos, as well as the ex of fellow YouTuber and boxer Jake Paul.

But her fashion style has evolved so much from when she had just started her channel back in 2015.

Costell laid down on a metallic sofa with a very sparkly background showing off her long legs.

She wore a beige thigh-skimming miniskirt with a brown belt.

For her shirt, she opted for a cropped white button-up shirt with long sleeves that she kept rolled up.

To add a little pop of color, the YouTuber put on a pair of thigh-high dark green boots with white socks just barely poking out the top.

Erika Costell lies down in crop top and miniskirt

Costel looked sexy as ever as she showed off her abs. Her caramel hair fell down flawlessly over her shoulders, and her makeup looked shiny for the picture.

She posted this incredible picture on her Instagram, which now has over 3 million followers, and captioned this post, “it’s officially back to wearing more & going out less for me.”

What has Erika Costell done after YouTube?

Erika Costell is 29 years old, and while she’s most commonly known as a YouTuber, she’s also a singer, model, and entrepreneur.

She rose to fame when she became part of the influencer group Team Ten, where she met her ex-boyfriend Jake Paul. Costell was involved in a scandal and a love triangle with Paul and Alissa Violet.

But the singer is now past that time of her life and career. In 2020, Costell decided to take a break from social media and the world she had been living in for over a year and a half.

In an interview with Forbes, she talked about the things she learned during that time, saying, “In this past year and a half, I’ve really just put my head down and got back to where I was before social media. … So, I’m just not doing things that I’m not passionate about anymore. That’s it. If I’m not actually passionate about it, the answer is, ‘No.'”

In March 2021, she launched her own clothing line called Akire Sport. She decided not to promote the line with her fanbase immediately. Despite not using that for her advantage, the brand has been very successful. Celebrities like Addison Rae, Hailey Bieber, and Bella Poarch have worn it.

Costell hasn’t posted a YouTube video in 10 months; however, she still posts shorts on the platform and keeps her followers updated on her social media.

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