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Emma Watson stuns braless in backless minidress

Emma Watson
Emma Watson is stunning in a backless minidress for Prada. Pic credit: © Santoro/Admedia

Emma Watson went from child actress to women’s rights activist and fashion icon within about a 20-year span, but she’s not done yet.

After being silent on social media for about seven months, Emma returned to Instagram to show her followers and fans the work she had done with Prada.

At first, Emma was asked just to be the face of the Prada Paradoxe campaign, but she asked if she could direct it and was given the reins.

In the campaign and outtakes, Emma is seen in various locations, looks, and styles to show all the different sides of one person and, perhaps, their perfume.

As part of the campaign, Emma is seen dancing, stretching, splashing paint onto a canvas, and more. In one particular scene, Emma stands on a platform in large combat boots and a backless dress.

She shared a snapshot of this specific scene, with the caption on the photo reading, “you cannot break me because beauty and youth do not encapsulate who I am.”

Taking on the perfume campaign gave Emma a step forward in her directing career and allowed her to address certain things about herself and women as a whole on a public level.

Emma Watson makes herself a ‘paradox’ for campaign

In the Prada campaign film, Emma is seen in a variety of outfits and places doing many different things. The video opens with her voiceover asking, “Why should I be framed? Boxes are always too small.”

The video picks up the pace with dramatic music and flashes through Emma as different versions of herself, and she notes, “I am never the same, but I am always myself.”

The Prada line is titled Paradoxe, and Emma used her creative skills to create a paradox within herself for the campaign.

This perfume is also a refillable bottle, something Emma notes is important as she wouldn’t promote a product that doesn’t offer sustainability.

Emma Watson shouts out team of women who helped with campaign

A big part of Emma’s life has been focused on feminism, and her Prada campaign was no different.

Having been on and off the set of films for several years, she knows that film is still a male-dominated industry and wanted to use this opportunity to get as many women behind the scenes as possible.

In a tribute post, she shared several pictures of the “women of Paradoxe,” listing Catherine Olaya as first assistant director, Berta Gomez as art director, Flore Mounier as visual effects supervisor, Katya Mokolo as the behind-the-scenes videographer, Titem Mouici as producer, Aurelie Bruneau as producer, Cristina Alcalde as the second assistant director, and Celia Abraira as videotape recorder.

Regarding what Emma will do next, fans aren’t sure as the star hasn’t made any comments or notes about what’s coming from her. Given her latest project, fans may see more video directing coming from her, with possibilities in film and fashion.

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22 days ago

I really want to see her as actress , i miss her so much 😭😭