Emma Watson plays pickleball in fabulous tennis skirt

emma watson pickle
Emma Watson played a game of pickleball with some famous friends and documented the experience. Pic credit: ©

Emma Watson dropped the golden snitch for a pickleball and shared her results with fans.

Emma was one of many big names on hand for a pickleball tournament over the weekend. As a proud philanthropist, Emma has championed many causes in her 32 years on this earth, placing importance on promoting women’s inclusion in technology and climate change.

For the pickleball tournament, Emma and other famous faces, like Will Ferrell, Sugar Ray Leonard, and Kelly Rowland, participated in raising money for Comic Relief.

The latest cause allowed Emma to team up with others to battle it out in the name of charity. And although Emma didn’t bring home the trophy, she raised money for a good cause and had fun in the process.

Comedy Central personality Stephen Colbert provided commentary for the tournament, which aired on CBS as part of a two-hour special.

The Harry Potter actress took to her Instagram to share the events with her 68.5 million followers on the platform. As Emma played, she documented the experience on her IG Story.

The Ivy League graduate, who has also become a fashionista, showed her style and excellent form while participating.

Emma Watson stuns for pickleball tournament

Emma certainly dressed the part in a white tennis skirt with pleated detailing and a matching sleeveless top. She wore a green sports bra underneath the shirt and a white visor atop her head.

emma watson pickle
Pic credit: @emmawatson/Instagram

Emma shared a smiling photo from on the court with a racquet in hand. A group of spectators sat behind her, applauding and also smiling. The actress added more information to the IG Story, expressing gratitude for her inclusion in the event.

emma watson pickle
Pic credit: @emmawatson/Instagram

Emma wrote, “I enjoyed every second of #pickled with @stephenathome and everyone who took part, all for a good cause raising money for @comicreliefus. Didn’t bring the trophy home this time but I’m training for next year’s clash ALREADY!!”

As Emma prepared to practice for next year’s tournament, another one of her partnerships is still going in full force.

Emma Watson teams with Prada Paradoxe

Emma was named the director of the new Prada Paradoxe campaign, and she hit the ground running with her latest venture. Prada gave Emma creative license to do what she wished, and that was exactly what she did.

Emma’s caption read, in part, “Paradoxe by Prada – a luxury perfume in a refillable bottle.”

Emma highlighted the ways in which Prada could save the environment through its refillable bottle.

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