Emma Roberts accused of making transphobic comments to AHS costar Angelica Ross

Emma Roberts on the red carpet
Emma Roberts is accused of making transphobic comments. Pic credit: © Thompson/AdMedia

Emma Roberts has been accused of making transphobic comments to her trans American Horror Story costar, Angelica Ross.

The allegations first came from Angelica’s Instagram, where she reportedly called out some things that Emma said to her on set.

Angelica told her followers of a time when Emma joked that Angelica had been “mean” to her.

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Costar John Carroll Lynch told the “ladies” to play nice, and Emma had another response.

“Don’t you mean ‘lady?'” Emma reportedly responded, seemingly implying that Angelica is not a woman.

That wasn’t all, as Angelica detailed another event on her Twitter account.

Angelica Ross details transphobic events with Emma Roberts

“The funniest part? We’re all sitting around & I’m copying Cody’s accent. Didn’t know he had one. Emma then copies my voice & laugh and drops it several octaves. I was SHOOK. She read me for blood with my own words 😂 of course I was self conscious about my voice on set after that,” Angelica detailed via Twitter.

Angelica Ross's Tweet
Pic credit: @angelicaross/Twitter

It didn’t take long for Angelica’s tweet to garner attention and replies supporting the trans actress, with many people noting how they couldn’t believe Emma would be so “nasty.”

“My question is why was she so comfortable being so nasty on set… who gave her the idea that was a safe space for her behavior, and why did it go on so long? Why did no one ever step up to defend and protect you?” one user replied.

Another simply said, “Oh she will be dealt with …. I’m so sorry you had to go through that.”

Another user advised, “I hope there is consequences for her actions.”

Angelica Ross replies
Pic credit: @angelicaross/Twitter

Emma Roberts apologized to Angelica Ross

It took no time for the American Horror Story star to make amends with Angelica — or at least there was an attempt to make her image look better.

“Thank you [Emma Roberts] for calling and apologizing, recognizing your behavior was not that of an ally. I will leave the line open to follow up on your desire to do better and support social justice causes with your platform,” Angelica wrote on Tuesday afternoon.

Angelica's tweet that Emma apologized
Pic credit: @angelicaross/Twitter

Although things will likely never be the same between the two actresses, Angelica appears willing to help Emma through her journey to be a better ally.

However, as far as fans go, it might take more than a phone call for Emma to be on their good side again.

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