Emma Chamberlain stuns for Interview Magazine

Emma Chamberlain interview with Interview Magazine. Pic credit: EmmaChamberlain/YouTube

Youtube sensation Emma Chamberlain looks incredible in a photo shoot with her exclusive in Interview Magazine.

The thrift queen and fashion influencer showed off her unique, quirky style while learning about her birth chart with Interview Magazine.

Interview Magazine was founded in 1969 by legendary artist Andy Warhol and is focused on facilitating intimate conversations between the world’s most creative people.

The astrological Interview titled “You’re going to live forever.” was conducted by astrologer Susan Miller, photographed by Christian Soria, and styled by Jared Ellner.

During the Interview, Susan explained Emma’s astrological birth chart to her so she could better understand herself. She was born on May 22nd, 2001.

Emma took to her Instagram to promote the fabulous looks featured in this unique editorial piece with her 16.1 million Instagram followers.

emma close up
Pic credit: @emmachamberlain/Instagram

Emma Chamberlain’s Interview Magazine looks

The 21-year-old fashion icon is known for her eclectic yet preppy sense of style. She fills her Instagram with pictures of funky day-to-day outfits, unique home decor, fashion show front-row looks, and fun travel content

For this Interview, Emma is styled in some high-end looks that showcase her sense of style beautifully.

One of her looks features a hot pink dress and fur coat from the Fall Winter ’22 Runway Micheal Kors Collection. The coat is called the Knitted Shearling Clutch Coat and retails for $5,490.

Her stylist, Jared Ellner, paired it with a matching Crystal Embellished Crepe Jersey Strapless Minidress, which retails for $4,990.

To finish the look, Emma is wearing hot pink pumps from the brand Femme La and fabulous green jewelry from luxury jeweler Cartier.

For her glam, Emma’s makeup artist Jaime Dia and hair stylist Amber Duarte worked together to create a look reminisce of the legendary English supermodel Twiggy.

She has her short platinum blonde bob styled with bouncy ends and a green eyeshadow look that makes her eyes sparkly in unison with the emeralds in her Cartier earrings.

The photoshoot didn’t just stop there. Emma also has some cool looks featuring lots of sequins, costume goggles, and a water-balloon bra that can all be seen on the official Interview Magazine website.

close up of emma
Pic credit: @emmachamberlain/Instagram

Emma Chamberlain’s learns birth chart in Interview 

During this Interview, Emma is learning all about her birth chart with astrologer Susan Miller. Susan is a well-known astrologer who is the founder of the website AstrologyZone.

She talks to Emma about many exciting things, including how she is a great communicator with excellent storytelling ability, clever with her money, and that she might have twins someday.

Susan also goes on to tell Emma that she is going to live forever because of her Capricorn placements.

Read the full Interview here and learn more about Emma’s birth chart!

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