Emma Chamberlain shows off legs in denim shorts

Emma Chamberlain in Copenhagen from a recent YouTube video
YouTube star Emma Chamberlain is stunning in a leggy show off. Pic credit: emma chamberlain/YouTube

Emma Chamberlain is one of the public’s most loved social media influencers out there.

The reason is that Chamberlain has always kept it very real with her followers. Just a peek at her social media and anyone can see she is dedicated to her work and posting the kind of content that makes people relate to her.

Although she is not posting content like she used to on her YouTube channel, she is still active, showing her followers different places around the world.

Chamberlain recently stunned while sitting on a pair of stairs in a chic white blouse with black lines on its pocket and collar.

She paired this shirt with some light blue denim shorts that made her legs look miles long.

This alone would be a straightforward outfit; however, the internet personality knows how to accessorize very well.

Emma Chamberlain looks chic as ever in denim shorts and white shirt

She opted for two gold necklaces and a stylish cool pair of black sunglasses with gold frames. She also added a little more jewelry by putting on a beautiful thin watch, a bracelet, and a ring.

Chamberlain put on some white socks and a pair of shiny black shoes that matched her black leather shoulder bag.

Emma Chamberlain talks about her career evolution

You might see 21-year-old Emma Chamberlain attending all these fashion shows or interviewing some of your favorite celebrities on the red carpet of the Met Gala. However, everything started back when she was only 16 years old.

Chamberlain is considered one of the original content creators in the YouTube world and an OG social media personality. When she first started posting content, she used to post fun clothing haul videos or even videos of her driving around her city looking for the best coffees. But Chamberlain has moved past a lot of that now.

Despite her constant on and off of her YouTube career, she is confident about what she wants to do next. She talked to V magazine about her future, saying, “I want to focus on having a stronger intention with what I’m doing on the Internet. I was on a roller coaster going four billion miles per hour the second that first video went viral and I’ve been on that roller coaster nonstop. Recently, I decided to slow down.”

Whatever Chamberlain decides to do, she wants to make sure it is something she loves and she wants to take the time to do it right.

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