Emma Chamberlain shows off legs for Chamberlain Coffee

Emma Chamberlain snaps a mirror selfie
Emma Chamberlain looks incredible in a mirror selfie with brown hair and gold hoop earrings. Pic credit:@emmachamberlain/Instagram

American internet personality Emma Chamberlain changed her look once again for a photoshoot.

Chamberlain is well known in the YouTube community, as she has over 20 million subscribers. She dedicates part of her life to creating cool and relatable videos for her followers and vlogs her trips, as well as her daily life.

But besides her channel, she is also the owner of Chamberlain Coffee. The social media personality made this beverage her signature drink years ago, and her fans know it, which is why she decided to create this company.

She recently stunned wearing a dark violet wig cut into a short bob with bangs.

Chamberlain put on a white button-up blouse and layered it with an off-white tank top to add some contrast and texture.

She paired these pieces with khaki shorts to show off her incredibly slim and toned legs. Then she continued by putting on a pair of white socks that she rolled down and continued that khaki moment with her stiletto heels.

Emma Chamberlain poses in violet wig for Chamberlain Coffee

To accessorize this look, the YouTuber used a baby pink belt to snatch her waist, and the only piece of jewelry she could be seen wearing was a gold bracelet.

Chamberlain posed for the camera on top of a luggage hotel trolley surrounded by a bunch of vintage suitcases and a globe as she held a mug with her name printed on it.

It was the official Chamberlain Coffee Instagram that posted these pictures and announced a limited edition collection, “get up and go with the limited edition first class capsule collection, including our dark roast blend, transparent tumbler, glass coasters, and a brand-new ceramic mug.”

Emma Chamberlain talks about her career with Net-a-Porter

The 21-year-old has lived a lot of life for someone her age.

Not only has she won a Streamy Award for Breakout Creator, but she was also included in Time magazine in the Time 100 Next list and The 25 Most Influential People On The Internet.

Chamberlain recently did a photoshoot for Net-a-Porter, and she also sat down with them to talk about her career, social media, and YouTube.

In this interview, she admitted that there had been times when she felt lost, “I’ve tried things that haven’t worked, and I’m grateful that people have given me enough of a chance to work it out. Things will continue to evolve for me, but as long as it’s coming from my heart and I’m excited about it, it doesn’t matter who’s watching or if it gets picked up in the algorithm. That’s the best way to avoid burnout.”

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