Emily Tanner stuns in silver bodysuit for out of this world costume

Emily Tanner takes her to space in her metallic spacesuit.
Emily Tanner takes to space in her stunning metallic bodysuit. Pic credit: @emilyytanner/Instagram

Emily Tanner certainly turned some heads in her most recent ensemble as she geared up in a stunning metallic spacesuit.

The 27-year-old model celebrated Halloween weekend to the fullest as she looked completely out-of-this-world in her space goddess attire.

It was evident that the blonde beauty indulged in some Halloween festivities as she flooded her Instagram with spacey jaw-dropping content.

Emily gifted her 836k followers with spooky treats as she captured some of the most memorable moments from the night.

In each picture, Emily looked to be thoroughly enjoying herself as she effortlessly glowed in her shimmery suit.

It goes without saying the model surely didn’t disappoint this Halloween season as she successfully channeled her inner space goddess.

Emily Tanner stuns in silver space bodysuit

Not everyone can pull off wearing a spacesuit, but Emily sure did rocket.

In her Instagram Story, Emily was captured smiling away as she wore a full, shimmery metallic bodysuit.

The suit was left halfway unzipped, leaving some of her chest uncovered as it tightly hugged the rest of her body.

The spacesuit also featured two shoulder pads that hung off the tops of her arms to give it just a little extra spacey flair.

For this particular photo, Emily decided to go black-and-white, which only complemented the overall aesthetic.

Emily Tanner looks sexy in space
Pic credit: @emilyytanner/Instagram

In another post, Emily shared some more of the spacey fit, only this time it was left in color.

She was captured wearing her silver and green-trimmed suit as she posed with her hands up, giving off some super alien-like vibes.

She styled the suit with bright green fishnet stockings, black knee-high patent leather boots, and some flashy silver goggles which perfectly covered her eyes.

The model then accessorized with gold jewelry and a classic Louis Vuitton handbag that she held close to her body.

She captioned the post with, “E. T. PHONE HOME 👽 *don’t judge my costume, it sucks. I know.*.”

Emily Tanner shows off her new Alexandre Vauthier boots

Emily Tanner is certainly fashion-forward as she effortlessly slays in just about anything she puts on.

In another recent post, the blonde beauty gave a shout-out to Alexandre Vauthier as she wore their flashy, black iridescent boots.

The boots in themselves were a show-stopper as they came up to her knees and gave off a holographic look in the light, which they effortlessly shimmered from all angles.

She paired the boots with a completely sheer, full-length dress which was the perfect combination to draw more emphasis toward the boots.

Emily then styled her hair in light curls, which fell naturally below her shoulders as she smiled away for the shots.

Emily certainly made a statement with this look, as the post secured well over 12k likes.

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