Emily Tanner shares special discount to promote Manscaped

Emily Tanner close up.
Emily Tanner looks beautiful in her black romper as she promotes one of her favorite companies. Pic credit: @emilyytanner/Instagram

Highly admired fashion model Emily Tanner strikes again, but this time, it’s for a deal that’s just too good to be passed up.

The 28-year-old beauty recently teamed up with Manscaped to further promote their incredible Beard Hedger.

However, not only did the model have a couple of alluring photographs to share, but she also provided fans with a discount that went along with it.

The deal included an exclusive and limited-time-only coupon code that could be used for any purchase on the Manscaped website.

While Emily announced this sweet deal, she posed with the Beard Hedger while wearing a beautiful black ensemble.

Luckily for fans, the blonde bombshell shared the stellar shots with her loyal fans via Instagram.

Emily Tanner shares her exclusive code along with her killer fit

In the first slide that she provided, Emily faced her back toward the camera while she slightly turned her head over her shoulder.

The California resident held the jet-black Manscasped product in her hand, which coincidentally matched her outfit.

Emily was photographed wearing a jet-black romper, which featured a low-cut neckline and a perfectly square cutout design along the back.

For the shots, the celeb pulled her blonde locks into a ponytail and she left a couple of small strands to fall down the front of her face.

Per usual, Emily’s makeup looked flawless while her complexion naturally glistened in all of the photographs taken.

Some of the other shots included an array of Manscaped products as she perfectly positioned them along her gorgeous, marble counter.

The post was captioned, “Give good face with The Beard Hedger by @manscaped Use code EMILYTANNER for 20% off at! #manscapedpartner.”

Emily Tanner promotes Celsius while asking her fans to pick between tennis or golf

In another recent post, Emily shared a series of shots that featured her partaking in both tennis and golf. However, in the shots, the 28-year-old beauty made sure to give a shoutout to her number-one company — Celsius.

Celsius is a company that sells a wide selection of tasty energy products that offer the perfect amount of caffeine without having to experience all of the nasty jitters that are certainly common among other drinks.

Celsius also stands out against other brands because it’s made with healthier ingredients such as ginger, guarana, green tea, and seven essential vitamins that are highly beneficial for everyday consumption.

Emily has certainly noted all of the great benefits of the brand, hence why she gravitated toward partnering with the company in the first place.

For this particular post, Emily was spotted on both the tennis court and the golf course as she sipped on her Arctic Vibe drink.

The model sat on the green court while she sported an all-white attire, including her racket. In contrast to her tennis fit, Emily decided to go with an all-black fit for her golfing session.

No matter the sport, the multi-talented star has proved her love for Celsius as it’s now her go-to drink.

While she enjoyed her array of fun activities, she captioned the post, “Tennis or golf girlie? What’s your pick 😬@celsiusofficial #celsius#celsiusbrandpartner#celsiuslivefit.”

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