Emily Tanner shares love for Celsius in the hills of Hollywood

Emily Tanner close up
Emily Tanner shares her appreciation for Celsius Energy as she hikes the scenic hills of Hollywood. Pic credit: @emilyytanner/Instagram

The beautiful Emily Tanner took advantage of the gorgeous L.A. weather as she took to the hills of Hollywood.

The fashion model picked the perfect day for a hike along the hills as the sun shined bright while the sky remained cloud-free.

Per usual, Emily demonstrated the perfect mix of comfort and fashion in one shot.

The California resident made sure to look fashionable for the hike while staying comfortable during the scenic journey.

Emily further prepared for this trip by staying hydrated and energized with her favorite Celsius energy drink she sipped along the trails.

Luckily, Emily’s fans were surely in for one aesthetically pleasing treat as she shared the fun in the sun with her 842k followers via Instagram.

Emily Tanner looks gorgeous in all-black athletic attire

Emily got her body moving and her endorphins flowing as she decided to partake in some mid-day cardio.

The blonde beauty shared three scenic shots with her loyal fans as she enjoyed the sights of Mother Nature.

In the first slide, Emily took a quick break to sip her sparkling lemon-lime Celsius drink.

For her workout wardrobe essentials, the model wore a matching black athletic set.

The matching set included a low-cut sports bra and a pair of high-waisted biker shorts. She also had an oversized gray sweater that was draped over her shoulder.

She coordinated the black fit with some comfortable black and white training sneakers.

Even though Emily was going for a hike, she still decided to accessorize. However, she went light on the jewelry by wearing just a few tiny gold necklaces and bracelets.

The 28-year-old effortlessly glistened and glowed while walking around the hills as she threw her long blonde hair into a loose pigtail.

Emily enjoyed her scenic cardio session while smiling and sipping her Celsius drink.

She captioned the post, “I hike miles with a @celsiusofficial in my hand… what’s your talent? ?? #celsius #celsiuslivefit #celsiusambassador.”

Emily Tanner is a proud celsius ambassador

Emily is undeniably a pro when it comes to picking the perfect energy drink for the job at hand.

In another Instagram post, Emily took her adventures to the golf course, where she was spotted smiling next to her golf cart and clubs.

The multi-talented star shared an array of scenic photographs while she got ready to hit a couple of balls across the green field.

However, Emily ensured she was well-equipped and fully prepared as she drank her sparkling mango passion fruit drink before the tee-off.

For her golf fit, Emily went with an all-black look that featured a couple of touches of white.

She wore a pleated black skirt, along with a rolled-up, long-sleeved t-shirt and a pair of white and black golfing gloves.

Emily went the comfortable route for her footwear, wearing white Nike sneakers that featured the red logo across the front.

Once again, Emily hit this look right out of the park, further captioning the post, “Couldn’t do it without ya @celsiusofficial ?.”

Emily Tanner has also teamed up with Jaxxon

In another Instagram post, Emily teamed up with Jaxxon, a high-end company that sells a variety of gold and silver chains.

Jaxxon mainly focuses on a male audience when targeting its buyers. However, Emily proved that any gender could enjoy stylish golden chains as easily.

For this particular share, the model sported one of the company’s most popular products, their short-lengthed gold chain.

The gold statement piece looked phenomenal against Emily’s complexion as she rocked this look with absolute ease.

She paired the necklace with some more gold bracelets and small gold rings.

Emily completed the look by wearing a beautiful black and tan checkered tube top and some patent leather jeans.

She captioned the post, “A series: idk what to do with my hands, but my @jaxxon chain looks good ? 20% OFF sitewide!”

Fans can now shop the Jaxxon collection on their official website and head to their Instagram page to keep up with the latest drops.

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