Emily Sears stuns in all black for epic reunion with dear friend Laura Lux

Emily Sears close up.
Emily Sears is stunning as she reunites with a special friend in L.A. Pic credit: @emilysears/Instagram

Australian bombshell Emily Sears is back, and this time she is reunited with her beloved friend Laura Lux.

Laura Lux is one of Emily’s dearest friends who could pass as her sister.

For this special outing, the two lovely ladies sported smiles across their faces as they sat next to one another at a rustic-styled bar.

Emily tagged the location as Los Angeles, California, where the model currently resides.

The blonde beauties stared directly at the camera while they both glowed effortlessly for the shot.

Luckily for fans, Emily shared her special reunion with her 5.2 million followers via Instagram.

Emily Sears is gorgeous in black for a special reunion

As they enjoyed each others’ loving company, both ladies certainly dressed to impress.

Emily was captured wearing a gorgeous, low-cut dress. The black dress featured a beautiful cutout in the middle as it perfectly hugged her figure.

The Aussie’s hair was bleach blonde and was styled in shiny, light waves.

For this epic reunion, Emily went with a dark and edgy makeup look that fit the outfit at hand. She wore long, lavish lashes and incorporated some black eyeliner, along with a smokey eye. She added some blush and bronzer and finalized her look with a glossy, light pink hue across her lips.

In contrast to Emily, Laura decided to go with a more vibrant ensemble. She sported a hot pink tank top that was tucked into her black leather pants.

Her electrifying fit perfectly complemented her fair complexion while simultaneously highlighting the multicolored sleeve of tattoos along her arm.

Laura also went with a bold and rather smokey look around her eyes, along with a glossy pink lip shade.

Overall, both ladies looked exceptionally beautiful while they celebrated a timeless moment with one another.

Emily captioned the post, “FINALLY REUNITED 👯‍♀️ @darthlux.”

Emily Sears enjoys a busy week as she celebrates yet another special event with her friend

Emily certainly has proved to her fans that she lives quite a busy and event-filled life.

In another recent share, the Aussie was captured giving her beautiful friend Alex a big hug as she celebrated her birthday at the Capri Club.

In the first slide she shared, both ladies were spotted wearing leopard print attire as they laughed and smiled away.

Emily wore a more smooth and satin-like ensemble, while her beloved Aquarius friend sported a heavy fur coat.

The other slides featured pictures of the ladies enjoying their time while they celebrated Alex’s special day.

She captioned the post, “Happy Monday and Good Morning! Had so much fun celebrating @alexonthemic birthday this weekend. What a joy it is to know her! Alex has an unmatched ability not only to make people feel seen, heard, and cared for, she has the skill of collecting wonderful people and connecting them to one another. She’s also so funny, a great host, and a literal playlist expert if you’re looking for new music. A true Aquarius Queen.”

Emily Sears is a proud ambassador for 1st Phorm

When Emily isn’t enjoying an eventful night out, she’s busy maintaining a healthy lifestyle at the gym.

It comes as no surprise that Emily is a 1st Phorm ambassador as she supports the company day in and day out.

The model enjoys their refreshing drinks that always give her that extra boost of energy for the day.

For this particular post, Emily held her 1st Phorm drink in her hand as she expressed her deep admiration for the drink, “I love them for more than just the natural energy from green tea, which is so much better for you than so many other energy drink brands on the market that are packed with chemicals!”

She added, “It also contains NueroFactor and Huperzine which are added ingredients to help with focus. Plus they contain vitamins, minerals, and electrolytes so it’s like a 5-in-one for pre-workout, with ZERO calories! Magic I tell ya!”

While she amplified her love for the supplement company, the Aussie was styled in a perfect, all-black fit. Her look included a cropped tank top and a pair of black athletic leggings.

However, for her shoes, Emily decided to add a little color by sporting some multicolored tie-dye sneakers that provided her with much support.

This particular gym selfie received over 7,200 likes after it was initially shared.

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