Emily Sears shows excellent form to promote sales

emily sears selfie
Emily Sears is selling her product. Pic credit: @emilysears/Instagram

Whether dressed up for a night on the town or rocking sweats while preparing a workout, Emily Sears has a captivating presence.

The Australian beauty has used her presence to create a successful modeling career and to promote brands.

One of Emily’s favorite companies happens to be 1st Phorm, and she publicizes the energy drink quite often.

Such was the case on Friday afternoon as the model hit the gym and struck a pose with 1st Phorm in hand.

The 37-year-old stunner shared a quick mirror selfie at a gym, adding a geotag of Los Angeles.

Emily chose her Instagram to post the picture, sharing it with her 5.2 million followers. The model received 4,000 likes for her upbeat and motivational post.

Emily Sears strikes a pose to promote 1st Phorm

In her photo, Emily wore a black cropped tank top with spaghetti straps with black athletic leggings.

She held her sports beverage in one hand, revealing lengthy acrylics in fire red. Emily carried her phone in the other hand, capturing her reflection for the gym selfie.

Emily completed the look with stylish white sneakers featuring multicolored designs.

Her blonde tresses were pulled away from her face in a stylish ponytail, allowing Emily to break a sweat and remain comfortable.

Behind her were racks of weights and other gym equipment, but Emily was the clear star of the show. In the caption accompanying the share, Emily revealed her morning secret.

She wrote, “Mornings w/ @1stphorm energy drink?? Hope you all have a great day! #1stPhorm.”

Longtime Emily fans know this wasn’t the model’s first 1st Phorm rodeo. A quick trip to her social media accounts reveals she has shown a lot of love for the brand.

Emily Sears incorporates 1st Phorm into 2023

In another post, Emily attributed the properties of 1st Phorm to warding away sickness and hangovers.

Emily shared a short video as she held the product in her hand and smiled.

However, she also acknowledged that low moments exist and promised to be more vulnerable in the coming year. She also set some intentions for 2023, and, unsurprisingly, that included 1st Phorm.

In the caption, Emily wrote, “In 2023 I want to be mindful of not only posting my life highlights but also including the real-life lows as well. The past couple of days have been awful I have barely been able to get out of bed.”

She added, “Be careful out there cause there are a lot of people getting sick especially in LA with all the rain.”

Emily continues to captivate, and fans are here for it.

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