Emily Sears shares stunning mirror selfie while trying to ‘thirst trap’ in peace

Emily Sears selfie.
Emily Sears shares a stunning mirror selfie as she promotes Twenty clothing. Pic credit: @emilysears/Instagram

Emily Sears is quite the force when it comes to her killer looks along with her easily admired personality.

In her latest share, the Australian model demonstrated just that once again.

Emily stood in her lofty, modern-styled space as she posed for a stunning mirror selfie.

She was styled in a beautiful brown jumpsuit that perfectly stood out amongst the completely white room in which she stood in.

As she modeled in her brown ensemble, Emily demonstrated her comical personality while she pointed out the lack of peace she got while she snapped the shot.

She wrote, “When you’re trying to thirst trap in peace but a Maltipoo is judging you ?? Jumpsuit from @twenty.”

Emily Sears poses for a mirror selfie in her brown curvy jumpsuit

For this particular shot, Emily kindly shared the stellar selfie with her 5.2 million followers via Instagram.

In the shot, the 37-year-old beauty also promoted one of her favorite clothing brands called Twenty.

Twenty is a Montreal-based clothing company that sells a diverse selection of stylish pieces that come in a variety of colors and sizes.

For this particular occasion, the model decided to wear Twenty’s chocolate brown jumpsuit. The ribbed-textured suit featured a low-cut neckline, while the rest of the piece perfectly hugged Emily’s curves.

Emily went light with the accessories as she wore a pair of small hoop earrings, a gold ring, and a couple of small gold bracelets.

She went on to style her bleach-blonde hair in light waves that beautifully cascaded down one side of her body.

She completed the look by wearing a full face of makeup. She wore long black lashes, some touches of blush and bronzer along with a nude, glossy lip.

Emily Sears sizzles in her red gym fit as she happily promotes 1st Phorm

In another share, Emily took to her local gym, which is located in Los Angeles, California.

The blonde beauty even gave a shoutout to one of her favorite companies — 1st Phorm.

The model was captured posing for a mirror selfie as she smiled in her bright red fit while she held her beloved 1st Phorm energy drink in her hand.

Emily has worked with 1st Phorm a handful of times in the past, as she endlessly supports their company and overall mission.

However, for this particular post, the Australian star made sure that she was geared up in all of her 1st Phorm essentials while she hit the gym for another hard-hitting session.

Emily was styled in a gorgeous, bright red sports bra, along with a pair of 1st Phorm athletic leggings.

The model went on to accessorize with a couple of gold pieces of jewelry while she rocked a more natural face for this gym session.

The caption read, “What’s your New Year’s resolution? ? @1stphorm energy for energy and focus for a productive 2023 #1stPhorm.”

Fans can now head to 1st Phorm’s official website to purchase their extensive line of energy drinks along with browsing their new clothing collections.

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